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Friday, Sept. 21, 2007 -- Lost bag and some nice kingfish

September 21, 2007. Waves: 2-3 foot easterly groundswell. Water clarity: Very good. Water temp: 66.

(HELP: Lost plug bag alert, south end: Jay: Since you’re part of the Holgate crew I was hoping you might be able to help. I was out on Holgate this morning fishing from 7-9am and then I came back for breakfast. I went back to fish this afternoon and noticed my tackle bag was missing. It either was taken from my truck at breakfast or I left it on the sand in the a.m. Probably the latter. I went back and drove from end to end and spoke with about about ten other drivers and no one saw it. It has every plug, lure, swimmer, and metal that I have ever owned in it, a lifetime of tackle. It is a blue Shimano bag with 4 big plastic compartments full of tackle. If anyone finds it or hears mention of it could you please contact me at deaner@tradenet.net -- bummed and embarrassed. Mickey”

Let’s help Mickey out by tracking down that bag. You can also contact me if you have info. And no need to be embarrassed, Mickey. I’ve done the same thing with tackle -- as have loads of others.)

The winds and weather were very fine for the first part of the day but increasing east then south winds bumped things up nearshore. I say nearshore because the many folks heading offshore had no problems once out maybe 20 miles. The winds along the beach were very nearshore. Last I heard the canyons were alive with nighttime yft on the chunk. I know a few folks took out a load of the large mullet to chum with and even to do some livelining or chumming with live mullet.

Along the beach the jellyfish foam has dissipated (see below). The general beachfront action remains very bluefish oriented. A few bass on clams. Also some sub-sized stripers on plugs. While poppers are the most popular choice, dark shallow swimmer fished very slowly are working and limit (to some degree) the bluefish hits.

A lot of fishing activity in Holgate Crackers and his buddy took something like 5 big kingfish that were falling for mullet. The last time I really targeted kingfish, I also had an easy time getting them to hit on mullet pieces. Bluefish are a mighty easy pick when they’re in. There are some slow spells, though. A bunch of fluke mixing in with the fish taking mullet.

Clamming is pretty poor, as it has been since the back opened up. You can get a meal but the days of taking the full recreational 150 count are over. It is very obvious that the mud flats were clammed all summer by boat clammers essentially sneaking onto closed sections.

WARNING: The chiggers are severe in the back. They apparently are now along the banks of the back cut. Kurt H. was scratching his ankles to the third degree – right down to the blood. He was only at the start of the cut where there usually aren’t many of those hideous skin eaters.

And, yes, chiggers are skin eaters. They do not bore in like ticks but literally suck up the surface layer of skin, after they inject a fluid that essentially breaks down, i.e. melts, skin cells. The anticoagulants in the fluid seems to be the source of the insufferable itch, to me the worst itch nature throws out.

The buggers chew a bit and move on a short distance. That is why chigger bites often appear in a straight line.

Since they are surface feeders, they can easily be killed by sprays and such. However, they can also fall off in buggy or even home and commence to eating away at a later date.

FYI: Chiggers are the nymph phase of the harvest mite. When grown, they’re totally harmless to humans, unlike ticks, which are bad news from birth to death.

Best medicine (by far) for chiggers is something called Chiggerex Plus from Sherer Labs and sold at Wal-Mart or can be bought at: drugstore.com.

Alert: Any numbing medication can cause potentially lethal side effects if spread over too large a portion of the body. Just place the medication on the bites not, say, an entire leg.

ARE YOU JELLIN’?: Over the years I’ve seen just about everything that could ruin a fishing day: winds, rain, snow, seaweed, lighting, dirty water, crazy people, and hordes of locusts.

OK, so maybe I’ve never seen locusts ruin a fishing day but that’s not far from what stopped all beachfront fishing from Beach Haven down to Holgate for two days in succession. Jellyfish slime so thick it covered the water with white forth.

No, don’t even try to envision it. You had to have been there to see the huge white floes of jellyfish bits, seemingly ground by a food processor. It was more of a thick foam but enough pieces to be ruinous to all forms of fishing. Plugs would totally foul in it; bait lines would weigh down; and if you made the mistake of accidentally throwing a cast net onto it – forget about it. It broke up yesterday – pushed ashore by winds.


Hey J, out this morning and the South end continues to shine or should I say sparkle? Weak fishing is off the charts, with both quantity and quality. biggest fish of the year(except for those spring run spawners) are in the mix. Plenty of peanut bunker around. even with heavy pressure this morning I managed a 40 plus fish count and many over the 5# mark with some pushing 7#. Just awesome. Water temp down in the bay 63 was the average reading. I have also heard good things about night fishing LBI bridges.

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