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Thursday Sept. 20, 2007 --- Finally the winds depart --

Thursday, September 20, 2007: Waves: Dropping 3-4 foot north swell. Water clarity: fair to good (improving). Water temps: 66.

Ladies and Gentlemen, resume your fishing. That powerful northern high-pressure system was as much as a dry nor-easter. Four days of NE winds to 20 mphs. Well, it gone now and giving way to lighter winds and a switch to southerlies. This is just what the “weekend” doctor prescribed. Also look for a noticeable warm-up of the air, that could last quite a while.

As for the fishing itself – you tell me. The blow had fishing folks staying home, as the tackle shops know all too well. Obviously Holgate fared well through the gust since the wind is to the back of anglers at the tip. There, the bluefishing hasn’t drifted at all. As many post-snapper and cocktail blues as you could possibly want at some spots. Stu and Stan take them to task daily.

BUGGY NOTE!!!! These winds have created some critical drop-off (cutaways) toward the water. Some are as steep as 5 feet or more. You get too close to thos ein your vehicle and you’ll be going for a ride you won’t find even remotely enjoyable – unless you;ve been loking to total your vehicle for tax purposes. Remember, the peripheral collapse danger associated with these drop-offs is roughly equivalent to the height of the drop. In other word, if there is a six foot drop (and there are some), the collapse danger zone for your vehicle is six feet from the edge. That’s actually a pretty long distance, especially if the drop-off is at the west end of and there isn’t much room to get around it near the dunes. I have seen many buggies slip (and roll) at jetty ends because of this scenario. Also, on eroded street ends, never drive onto the beach before getting out and visually checking for a cutaway right where you drive on. I almost ate at sunrise on a Brant Beach ramp a few years back. I was about to blast on but had this eerie sense that something wasn’t right. Wave action had cutaway at least 8 feet of sand. The drop-off was so bad it took the township an entire day to push sand back there. I easily could have been killed. Hey, I heard that from the back row.

The bassing is a bit of a baffler. Yes, I got your emails about those smaller fish going for poppers and swimming plugs. And there are now a few scattered reports of very large fish given the famed early relase but I have to go back to that whine I was passing around much of the summer: Where are the stripers. Again, there is a significant surge in the catching out there but it simply is nowhere near where it should/could be with this deluge of baitfish. And we’re hitting the end of September. The up side is the likelihood that when the bassing let’s loose it’ll be through the ceiling.

LOW BLOW FOR MONICA: I feel like warmed over mucus today.

It all has to do with Monica Oswald, the gal who caught that insanely controversial world record fluke. Yes, I’m calling it world record fluke even though the IGFA has just denied her the honor of having caught the biggest hook-and-line summer flounder all time.

After the gal bravely took the lie detector and passed with flying colors she was on my you-go-girl list. Then IGFA hit way below the belt when they refused the record because she had rested her rod on the railing as she fought it.

Give me a frickin’ break. That’s brutal. How many rods being used to fight world record gamefish didn’t flirt with the railing or gunnels?

Again, I feel like crap for having been among those so hard on the gal – and all I did was suggest a lie detector test.

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