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Thurs. Sept, 13, 2007 -- Much jumpin' of bait and blues

Thursday, September 13, 2007: Waves: Small. Water clarity: Ideal – though approaching too clear in some sites. Water temps: Dip to 70 – 72. Winds: None for early day, could see south by day’s end.

Bait run continues to make news in its own right. Major mullet (some pods containing fish averaging 6 inches) are running river-like.

While that makes a great splash, runs like this can end as quickly as they begin, blowing the entire wad and leaving the waters wanting when the bigger fish arrive.

For many years now, the mullet run has failed to align with the bass run. I hate to go global on every little thing, but overall warming it leading to a later and later arriving fall, as in cool air and waters. While mullet migrations are triggered by day length (and, particularly, the angle of sun, which the fish use to move south), the bass clearly respond to water temps. With that lack of alignment between the predator and prey, more and more serious stripering folks are turning to penning migrating mullet for when the bass finally arrive.

I just have to make yet another mention of the spearing showing. It remains insane. For days now there has not been even an instant let-up in the beachfront passage of spearing on the move. They are running small in size but the untimely end of summer fluking has killed any interest in spearing as bait so the need for larger ones is out the window. (That points out yet more damage done by shortened fluke seasons. Bait shops and bait collectors like myself are royally banged.)

As I oft note in here, if a big-ass striper had its druthers, it would dine on slow soft-bodied spearing and rainfish all of the day and all of the night. Fortunately, the spearing/rainfish runs go on for weeks and month so this current showing of spearing will likely be far more important in the long run than the mullet migration.

Of course, bunker must also come into play in a huge way if we’re to have a wild and wooly LBI Surf Fishing Classic. In an odd reversal of order, the bunkies are not out there in nearly the numbers we saw through much of the summer. I’ll bank the farm that this slight slowdown in bunker will be a laugh when these best-of-best baitfish make their move. It is, in fact, fortuitous that the bunkies aren’t part of this deluge of baitfish. It’s fine by all bassers if young-of-year bunkies hang in the bay for weeks to come.

Kingfishing is not getting its due. These top-shelf-dining critters are showing in better and better numbers but it really seems everyone is so bluefish oriented that switching over to tiny hooks and worms (be they real or Memorex, i.e. GULP or Bag-O-Worms) is not in the cards. I’ll be going after kingfish later today down Holgate way.

Numerous notes that weakfishing is still scalding in some bay zones. The moving weakies are also off LE Inlet. Oddly, the migrating sparklers are simply not stopping for a bite. They are moving along the ICW and barely showing on the angler scale, despite the numbers of fish being in the hundreds of thousands. There were a couple larger weakies taken in Holgate yesterday afternoon but they were doubly rare due to the blues. I know there had to be weaks at sunset but I had to head back to work so I couldn’t wait out the falling sun. I’ll hit it today, though.

Yes, some stunning fluke are now being taken in the suds and from boats near the inlets. Per usual for this time of year, the suds-side fluke are often attacking plugs, especially small diving models. And, yes, they’re all being abidingly thrown back. You can’t fight regulations through civil disobedience, it would turn to angling chaos out there.

I only recently got my new clamming license. The in-wallet license is a bit odd looking. It is bright neonish green, roughly 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches. It is waterproof and CANNOT be laminated -- it turns unreadably black and must be replaced at a $2 fee.

The number at the top left-hand corner is something of state sportsman ID -- it’s identical to having an account with the DEP. That same number can (and should) be used to purchase the likes of freshwater fishing and hunting licenses (and all associated permits). Using that number prevents having to give out a social security number each and every time you acquire another license. Nowadays, handing out SS numbers can be the kiss of identity theft death. The state is stricter than ever about keeping deadbeat dads or individuals with outstanding warrants from acquiring licenses for any activities regulated by the state. When getting a licesne A form must be filled out every year which question one’s

SITE NOTE: I am being inundated with fishing stuff from reader emails and angler call-in. DON’T STOP! I’ve never had such fine input. The only ever-so-slight downside is the amount of writing (and space) it takes to list even a single day’s data. For this site (Webspawner or Maxpages) the new stuff often overwrites previous posts. Check back often – or, better yet – head over to https://jaymanntoday.ning.com/ to look at months and months of archives. Thanks – and get those calls and letters coming.

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