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Wed. Sept 12, 07 -- Things continue to light up out there

Wednesday, September 12, 2007: Waves: 2 feet out of the south. Water clarity: Improving rapidly along the beach; had been brownish but gorgeous clear green water moved in late afternoon. Water temps: Mid-70s with some cooler patches.

Well, sorry if you had to work today but the beach exploded with blues and some bass; blitzes included mamma blues to 12 pounds with tons of bite-offs as folks won’t quite ready for the gators to come calling.

The action is mullet and spearing based. The forage fish are out there in epic numbers. The mullet are running very large, though. Definitely not “mullet rig” material but excellent for chunking. Anyone in this weekend’s BHM&TC event need mullet for chum? Let me know.

The small blues are all over the place – outside the blitzing action.

The bassing is perking up. Poppers and surface swimmers are finding the mark with bass to near keeper size. By tomorrow I’ll bet every jetty has its quota of smaller stripers with the first big-shouldered models moving in.

Kingfishing is picking up rapidly. You still have to find the sweet spots but once you’re on a feeding area, the kingfish are coming out in dozen-ish counts per session. Unfortunately, they’re running small despite those few huge ones caught last week. Still, they are actually a fairly meaty fish so it doesn’t take a load of length to make a fish dinner-able.

Holgate was bait city with blues one after the other. All small. Bass are in the trough along the front beach. The low tide today offered a real good read on the make-up of the beachline. The cuts are there but not nearly as numerous as last year.

Weakfish are in the mix, nice-sized ones. Speaking of weakies, here’s a hot report: “Hey J, just wanted to let you know Weakfishing is still red hot. The fish are still way back in the bay and at every spot we tried.(Monday) Shedder and spro was hot as always, and we also fished fresh netted live peanuts and mullet.(60 fish trip easy but we stopped counting.) Only took a few for the table. As I said before I am not a freezer filler, just a personal thing. Tons of bait in the back bay. Also saw an older gentlemen catch a 24-in fluke on the last day of the season(stinks) I have to say that this years fluking was about as good as I can remember. This is a south end report.Thanks see you on Holgate sometime soon.”

Clarification: I had written about curved, wide gap, Kahle hooks as being disallowed now. I threw that in as another chide of the way the fluke rug has been pulled from under us right when surf casters can finally target them in Holgate.

There were a few emails regarding that statement, most were friendly but one was sadly tyrannical and mean-spirited – and has likely led to the loss of that reader from this website. I don’t mind folks debating me but don’t put me through the grinder. I’m getting too old for that shit.

I should note that circle hooks are a whole other affair. I’m a sincere fan of circle hooks – as many of us will have to be if regulations are ever finalized that circle hooks “must” be used in certain fisheries.

Anyway, Kahle (curved, wide gap) hooks can be used when obviously meant for species other than fluke. Small Kahles are used for kingfish. Larger ones are suspect.

I got that "curved hook" info as an aside to a regulatory meeting, enforcement overview. It was asked of the officers what they do to control fluke fishing out of season and THEY noted that they "can" look for anyone rigged for summer flounder, particularly the use of Kahle hooks in a manner consistent with fluking, i.e. on fluke rigs. If found, they "can and will" then investigate further for the possible possession of fluke. An officer -- not me -- suggested the hook angle. Rigging is often used by enforcement to determine what an angler is targeting and is, in fact, legal grounds for further investigation.

I was actually being a bit sarcastic with my blog statement that the hooks are now forbidden.

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