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Wednesday August 29 -- Done my busy business and ready to write-up the fall

Wednesday, August 29, 2007: Waves: 1-3 feet out of the north. Water clarity: Excellent.

Sorry reports were sketchy for a couple days there. I was actually writing my butt off for the Labor Day Weekend issue of The SandPaper. In my weekly column I wrote a primer for beach buggying LBI. I’ll put that in https://jaymanntoday.ning.com/ if any of you folks were among the many emails I had asking for that entry-level info.

Now that the summer’s last hectic weekend is past, I’ll be turning to the busy fishing season, which begins in September and goes into December. I’m getting my equipment in order – and (I must admit) I’ll be stocking up on Spros. I have always been a jig type anglers anyway so it’s not a stretch.

I had a fellow from Waretown email me about his weakfishing and he firmly places this summer as the best he has ever seen, even dating back to the distant years. He’s 33 so I chuckle at that a bit. It doesn’t hurt that he’s fully epicenter of the occasionally insane BB, BI, 40, Gulf Point bites. I asked if he doesn’t tire of the hooking when it is one fish after another. He said he’ll move off and go after blues and fluke then come back to the sparklers. He did note that kingfish and blowfish are way down this year, almost nonexistent, though the blowfish bite should pick up for a while soon.

I should note that the black drum aficionados on the south end – many of whom broke their all-time drumfish catch records this past spring – are thinking those bulldog fighters should be exiting fairly soon. That catch-and-release fishery sometimes affects the surf fishing, though this past spring the drum seemingly skirted the beaches and plowed directly into the inlets, where they hung for an unusually long spell before going deep back-bay. They often take up summer-long residency in the lagoons, where they unfortunately pick up a load of parasites in the blood-warm waters there-in.

Biggest drum I have ever seen fought was in Beach Haven West, as a hilarious battle took place between a thin-bodied middle-age gent, who was climbing over fences, from one backyard to the next, trying to fight the moving fish. It eventually got away but not before a ton of people got a look at the behemoth fish – likely approaching 100 pounds or more. The man had been eel fishing in his backyard when the drum sauntered up to his weird bait – a piece of chicken or something like that. Under the slight chance that fellow (lived near Morrison Blvd.) reads this website – or someone knows him – please email or call me. It was quite some time ago, though.

I had an odd tale of a couple bluefishes with a load of bugs in their bellies. I have never seen anything like that. No, they weren’t still alive-type bugs. They were dead insects, dozens and dozens of them, mixed in with smalls spearing. I imagine the spearing had gotten chased into a creek end or even a lagoon corner, where all kinds of crap gather. The always ravenous blues likely sucked in everything along with the baitfish. I was put-off when the angler said he threw away the fish because of this. I can assure you there was not a single thing wrong with that fish meat.

This is the time of year I enjoy as many questions as readers can throw at me. I am always willing to do a lot of research in getting scientific – or even spiritual – answers. The readers of my SandPaper weekly columns really enjoy that Q & A concept.

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