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Wednesda Aug. 15 2007 -- Winds and what-not

Wednesday, August 15, 2007: Waves: Small. Water clarity: Very good (though honking south winds later today could stir things up). Water temps: Bayside: Upper 70s (actually a bit cool). Ocean: Mid-70s – and could drop with upwelling from south winds.

Thanks to H.H. (Scranton/BHW) for dropping off immaculately filleted and trimmed bluefish meat for my jerkying. He and his boat crew had nonstop bluefish action. “I’ve never seen it like this in the summer either,” he said, responding to my write-up of the massive number of cocktail blues hanging here even in hot weather.”

I also had a couple folks ask about the tiny snappers being caught near the mainland.

I may have jumped the gun by saying they were plentiful all over the backbay. There are areas in LEHT, Stafford and Barnegat with great bobber fishing for these tiny buggers, however, other creek and march areas apparently are not showing them in big numbers.

I guess some folks missed my announcements that I won’t be offering fluke updates – though I will use emails commenting on fluking. Very few folks are having that hard of time finding them -- and when they’re on them, everyone is maxing out (no keepers go back) with the end of the season not far off. We’re already tons over our limit.

I’ve suddenly gotten an inordinate number of reports of bad crabbing, particularly south end. The stops I’ve made at crabbing ground confirms it sure isn’t as good as season past, though folks working bayside Manahawkin (amid hideous fly attacks) have had a goodly meal in bucket.

Speaking of backwaters, the baby bunker count is once again through the ceiling this year. I have to think it’s the desirable trickle down affects of the nearshore bunkering restrictions that went into place a few years back. I can’t say mullet are looking the same, at least back in the creeks where I only found a few in my castnet, though they have been moving out of the creeks earlier and earlier in recent years – once again a subtle sign that over-all warming may be taking place. The next big mullet indicator will be around the inlets, where the “mud mullet” will hang eating for as long as six weeks.

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