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Sunday Aug. 12, 2007: -- Blues for the taking --

Sunday, August 12, 2007: Waves: dropping to 2-3 feet out of the north; small south wind swell starting.

Lots of fishing pressure in lots of places. The oceanside B.L. bluefishing under heavy bird play had many folks enjoying the fine weather by stocking up on cocktail blues. That same area is strangely lacking in bass play, when it often has stripers all summer long. Email: “Fished the (B. Inlet area) on Saturday at 4:30. Inlet was a little snotty but sitting outside was fine with just a big swell crashing on the rocks. I thought with the NE push into the pocket there would be some decent bass action. Had one 18" bass for my only action. I was there at the start of the tide for a try at the blackfish. Apparently no one told them to show up. Not even a tap. There are not too many days that I have ever experienced that with blackfish. WP”

Beachfront is wanting short of that occasional short going for clam or plug. Plus quite a few blues. Email:

Hi Jay. Cindy and I fished the Brant Beach surf from 7:45 - 11:45 am. Using a both clams and mullet we caught 7, one to two pound bluefish. Mullet seemed to be the better bet. We missed quite a few others as well. All in all a good day, save the crowded beach by 10:30 and the beach bag checkers. After 10:30, it was a race to see which ran out first... our comfort level with the crowed beach or our bait supply. Can't wait until fall! Nick H

(Fall is closing in even a little too fast for my liking. I had hoped to get to see The Nerds more at Joe Pop’s. –J-mann)

Bluefishing good to excellent around Little Egg.

Weakfishing remains very brisk in west bay areas. There are also typical small snappers (maybe 6 ounces) up the creeks and at municipal docks.

Herring fishing is good along the banks of Barnegat Inlet and alsao around L E Inlet.

The Surf City Borough Council said the Surf City beaches could be used by buggies during a scheduled fall surf fishing tournament. This is not, by any means, a verification that beaches will be opened to fall buggy usage but it’s a foot in the potential door. I’ll check on it Monday. There are a number of the Island’s top surf fishermen who ply those Surf City waters with daily regularity – providing they can use buggies. Buggy banishment would piss them royally.



Hey Jay - don't think there's any need to worry bout the mullet run regarding warm water - you know as well as anyone that doesn't make any diff - it may not be as healthy as in past years, but there will be an exodus of mullet and regardless of water temps, the bass seem to show up when the dinner bell is ringing - couple years back we had almost the same conditions and I had a ball with the bass that everyone was saying weren't there cause the water was too warm. (Ed)

(Good points, indeed. I simply meant I'm worried about the lateness of the run -- and the bass bite. What happens is the mullet run can sometimes precede the bass arrival, if the big fish stay a bit north due to warmer waters.
The mullet move on the angle of seasonal sunlight -- though they will stop on very hot weather. The bass move on the water temp. What can happen is the cow bass hear the dinner bell a bit north of us -- especially if they happen to be at the mouth of the
Hudson as that massive exodus of mullet takes place. In that instance, the Raritan and Sandy Hook are lovin' bassin' life as we watch in a so-close-but-so-far way -- which has happened a couple times in recent years.
I like your optimistic thinking.
The tourney numbers will show us what really plays out. See you out there. J-mann)

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