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Weekend looks to be a slow-go -- July 21, 2007

Saturday, July 21, 2007: Waves: Small. Winds: Could play spoiler as day goes on. Water temps: Still unseasonable at mid-60; ocean temps will warm rapidly with NE winds.

There is a feel of fall in the air this early a.m.. I kid you not. I was watching some boats being trailered to launch points and I noticed hoodies being worn. The main weathery things is gusty north winds that may hang as high as 20 mph all day, mainly N to NE. That is enough to bug the crap out of small craft wanting to work the ocean for what is slowly becoming as damn good fluking year, at least when looking at the amount of fish taken by the amount of people. As noted, even the bay remains highly workable for flatties, though small fish are really dominating and junkfish are through the aggravation ceiling. I even got word that surfside fluking is as good as it has been in many years, though small stuff also prevail and only the jetties hold the flatties.

Nothing overly exciting on the bass front except for the a very consistent resident fish bite neat beachfront jetties. That means you can often jig, plug or bait fro a couple local bass, most often sub-keeper but fun. Problem has been dirtyish water here and there – and obviously some jetties holding no fish. That hurts this time of year since there isn’t much chance of hauling gear from one jetty to the next. The early a.m. pluggers can pick off a couple/few jetties per morning and thusly have the better hookup rates. High-sun fishing for bass has been lousy. Barnegat Inlet bassing is astoundingly off-and-on. Literally one part of the livelining day will have zilch then things perk to the point of steady takes – including take-homes. Persistence pays.

Still no surfside panfish. This is the worst kingfish year in maybe a decade, dating back to the near 20-year stretch (60s to 80s) when they disappeared due to the shrimping industry to our south. That doesn’t mean they wont show – and this cold water may be a large factor to this point.

Another re-mention of the totally tedious affects of a junkfish invasion. The skates, dogs and robins have ruined many fishing areas, both boat and surf. While every angler has some technique to minimize the impact of these over proliferating nonmoney fish I’ve yet to find any worth writing about.

I went to the Forge looking for state folks trying to rid that multi-lake zone of invading piranha-like fish but found no such action, though the winds were really honking so efforts may not have been scheduled.

Email: “Hi Jay,

I got in a couple of hours late this afternoon. Breezy out of the North West today - water 64 degrees - water brownish with bits of weed catching on the line. I was using one rod with two hooks for kingfish, one hook had real bloodworm, the other had the gulp bloodworm - couldn't lose a bait on that one. One rod had a whole mullet for blues or whatever - I saved the mullet when I quit for next time. The third rod had live minnows - on that I caught 4 skates.

There must be a large amount of bait just past the bar as there were pelicans working up and down the beachfront while I was on the beach.

Bob T”

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