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July 07, 07 : Great dayin the morning -- now where's the fishing to match?

So that's what a 10-pound fluke looks like. Thanks, Blake. Caught recently in west Barnegat Bay.

Saturday, July 07, 2007: Waves: Slight 2-3 foot south swell. Water clarity: Poor but improving.

Kick-ass day out there. One of the nicest this summer. Fishing however is pushing so-so and struggling to manage that. Last-nighters found the slow route: a few small stripers and one nice weakie taken south end bayside.

Blues are making another pass near inlets and just inside bay; small schools bit with plenty of 2-3 pounders.

Bassing remains iffy. North Jetty area has some and every jetty has its quota but what it takes to get them to take bait is anyone’s guess. I’ve really been pondering all the sightings of numerous stripers by snorklers – quite a few folks grabbed their kids’ skin diving masks and took to the water after reading about the fun fish-spotting going on. Same story all over the Island: Jetties holding sometimes dozen of bass just hanging there in the water, very inactive. This fully indicates satiated fish that dined (likely all night) and couldn’t possible eat another room. Maybe we should be fishing with Jell-o.

I haven’t heard of any bunker pod fishing. Please let me know if you get into any. I’ll keep an eye out there today as I do a load of beach time.

Still no major reports of summer weakfish (some caught near Double Creek), though the reports of big rogue sparklers – some to 6 pounds – are filtering in from near-inlet areas. Jigging works on them, especially when dropping sexier Spros with long tails of squid or (when slow jigging) pieces of shedder crab. Slow jigging (not my thing) is just what it sounds like, dropping down the leadhead and barely lifting and dropping it, maybe 2 to 3 feet of motion, no jerk action whatsoever. I will say one thing about this technique, often used by weakfishermen, the fish blast the crap out of it, seemingly way harder then they do with hard jigging.

Fluking remains far-and-away the main angling draw, as it will all summer – and the draw isn’t a pretty picture in many instances. Although I get a here-and-there glowing fluke-getting report (mainly Double Creek and to a lesser degree toward Grassy) the main theme of returning flukers in the suckfulness of it all. Minnows supplies are looking good.

Headboats will be out strong this weekend going for seabass, one tog, fluke and any blues on the screen. Look for Miss B.L. going after outside bluefish – which have been huge and beyond plentiful.

Very good kayak fishing conditions this whole weekend.

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