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Thursday, July 05, 07 -- Wind a ruiner -- but due to lay down

Thursday, July 05, 2007:

Winds have blown away the fishing potential. Southerly gusts to 30 mph have churned the surf (and dirtied it up) along with dropping ocean temps into the 50s. Some bayside flukers have used sedges as wind blocks but that leaves only the flatties in short drift zones, often small fish.

Winds will gradually go westerly (tomorrow) and should knock down the waves and currents. Water clarity will take much longer to edge back in.

Last weekend, I chatted with a very relaxed angler sitting by his spiked rod as he reclined on a beach chair reading a hometown newspaper. I asked the typical question about the catchiness and he said had one hit but not much else. I asked what bait he was using and he said “none.” He was sitting on sinking plug, just allowing it to sit out there in the clam surf. Hey, why not? I would have plenty of confidence putting a sinker on the tag end of the line, and allowing a couple dropper loops (on a stretch of leader) to dangle the likes of jigs, maybe a couple larger Spro Phat Flies. A little strip of fresh squid would add to the look.

Just prior to the winds, the inlet/bay sharking showed signs of prior glory years (80s). There also seemed to be very large (brown, dusky) sharks in play. If you get any decent digital shots of hooked and released sharks, please email me a couple.

Speaking of digital photos, I’ve had a couple emails asking if fish pictures taken on cellphones are good enough for use on my website or even at The SandPaper. Unfortunately, they’re usually not adequately size images. However, if the cellphone shot is of some insane fish or event, I can pump up (and spruce up) the image from a phone. The thing is, digital cameras with professional capacity (5 meg and up) are very cheap now. I’ve seen some compact cameras pushing 7 megapixel yet costing less than $200. Considering the growing attraction of catch-photo-release, a doubly-decent digital camera is as important a part of angling as a decent rod or reel – either can run well over $200.

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