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Thursday JUne 28, 07 -- South winds stir things a bit ...

Thursday, June 28, 2007:

Overly clear water getting stirred a bit, as upwelling knocks down the water temps. Westerlies tonight and tomorrow will smooth things out and likely bring back that dramatically clear aqua.

Some folks are tapping bayside South End after dark and jigging up very large fluke, to over 5 pounds. Can’t give more details than that but if you’re having a hard time sleeping, give that dark-time bayside action a go. Pink plastics are among the colors working.

Here’s a fun report from the North End: Good Morning Jay,

My Dad came with me on delivery yesterday, and being on the Island, you know we had to bring some surf rods and gear with us. We ended up North, and when we walked out to the beach, the site of terns and gulls flying and diving over the water in various patches greeted us. I cut up some bunker, and we started. Walking, casting and allowing the bait to drift did nothing for awhile, until I came to a high dune formed by the surf washing out the sand below. From 4-5 feet up I had a great view of the surf, and as I watched under the birds, I saw large orange-colored fish chasing something toward the surface, then shooting back down. I did not think that they were rays, but the shape was right. Continuing to look, I realized that I was seeing large Sea Robins on the feed. What they were feeding on, I never did figure out, but that was what the birds were over. Whenever one came toward the surface, the birds were there. After cat ching 5-6 of them, I switched over to a plug, and started casting. After a few casts, I noticed two much more aggressive splashes in the same area. So, I cast, and on the third or fourth cast, had a good strike. I set the hook, and after a run to the side, the fish surfaced and splashed. I had a great view, atop the dune, and out in the surf was a beautiful Sparkler. I had to time the waves when I jumped down from the dune, grabbed the fish, threw it up top, and clambered up after it. A beautiful 26 inch Weakfish. I don't think that there is any fish more beautiful to look at. The look on my Dad's face when I brought it up the beach was terrific. Somewhat sad as it may be, that fish is now in four beautiful filets, and will be on the barbeque tonight. After unhooking and burying the fish, I tried to get my Dad to join me, but he was content to fish a piece of cut bait. Two casts later, I hooked a tough little 20 inch Striper. Couldn't keep that one, although it would have been a perfect meal fish. And that was the end of the plug action. Love that south wind when it doesn't blow in cold water.

(Enjoy those fillets.)

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