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Friday June 22 -- Winds are brisk but bassing ain't

Friday, June 22, 2007: Winds whipped in from the west and made for a beautiful looking day but a challenge on the angling side of things.

There were some fair showings of small bass in the suds but we’re back to a struggle for a keeper. I guess we’re getting into our resident bass set-up, though as long as we have bait pods out there, the bigger bass should be with us – even throughout the summer.

Here’s a multispecies email with a reference to fluke in the surf: “Hey Jay, Been picking at small bass on plastic since the blow last week. Up to 529 so far this year. No keepers lately. The surf fluking has been fantastic on plastic, more keepers than the past 2 years combined from the boat (glad I sold it last fall). Finally into some weakfish on bucktails and plastic at (spot deleted). Any word on kingfish yet? TJ from Barnegat

(I have no word about any kingfish. I had hoped the bait stealers a couple weeks back were our kingfish arriving but that doesn’t seem to have been the case. I recall I saw very few y-o-y kingfish while doing my night spotting last fall. I use a million CP handheld spotlight to explore the bay bottom for exotic species. For the past ten years the kingfish had been making a great comeback but now things are seemingly going in the other direction. That usually means the biomass is being hit in a big way. J-mann)

There has been a largish number of slug-slow reports on the fluke front. Here’s just one: : Jay: Friday was a bust in the BL area. Sea robins were present but fluke were not to be found. Must have been the off color of the water. Dave

Site regular reports: I just got reading your blog for today. Spot on with the smooth dogfish reports. I fished a spot south of Beach Haven tonight from
6pm -11pm and caught and released 10 smooth dogfish all in the 2-3
foot range. Had no clue they might of had state record potential.
Oh well, still had a great time. Wish there was a bass in the mix...
I still have yet to catch a striper this year.

Curious thing about the smooth dogfish tonight... every single one of
them was a female. When to they have their pups? I was wondering if
they've recently dumped their pups and are on a food binge. Can you
could shed any light on this situation?

I also tried for fluke in the surf from around
4-5pm. I was using
Berkley Gulp minnows to no avail. Can't wait to see some surf fluke.

Nick H.


Jay, Just read your daily update on the record smooth dog at 19+lb. I think I told you my tale of the smooth dog I put on my digital scale a few weeks back. It was just over 33lbs and 56". I weighed Chris's bass on the same scale when he caught it and it was off by only 7oz.. I know the fish lost at least that weight overnight in the cooler even though we had it in an icy brine. Scale is pretty close---safe to say I released a record fish.
Try cooking smooth dog chunks on skewers on the BBQ. Marniate the chunks overnight in Lowry's teryaki/pineapple along with some fresh ginger. Sprinkle with sea salt and you're ready to go. It's not bad.
Joe H

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