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June 14 -- Wind splits in nothing flat

Thursday, June 14, 2007: Waves: Large.

Talk about hitting the brakes. The wind made what amounted to a panic stop late in the afternoon. The skid marks could be seen across the bay surface as glassiness set in toward dark, with fast-moving north to south currents from the earlier winds making snakes on the water’s surface.

The surf remains majorly large but even that will settle quickly if this glassiness hangs around. That will allow folks in the Simply Bassin’ tourney to make a harried push toward the final weekend. There are surely big-ass bass near the beach and virtually any beach in LBI could pop one out. My wild guess on where a 50-pounder will surface includes Brant Beach, B.L., BH or Holgate zones. I guess that should be guesses plural.

I am looking into the imminent opening of a PWC “practice area” near the west side of Holgate. I got the tip out of the BHM&TC membership and thought it very odd that a piece of bay near such an environmentally sensitive- area would be state OK’ed for what could be daily nonstop PWC use. But it is positively true. This is gonna sound weird, but I’d rather have those contraptions zipping all over the place than banging the crap out of a specific zone. That doesn’t mean I want them out there to begin with, but I’m just doubly alarmed at issues like wake-provoked sod bank erosion and the affect on marine creatures of protracted buzz sound in the set-aside acre of land. I should note that there is actually a state mandate requiring PWC rental businesses to establish a practice area so this Holgate thing might not even be to the liking of PWC businesses.

I had a couple contacts regarding the large weakfish now showing up near both inlets. The sharpies are saying the big weaks are, in fact, individual rogue fish but they can be had in multiples but jigging various areas of the bay. One fellow noted that he’s having better luck now than pre-spawn “And I can keep one or two without feeling guilty,” he wrote.(Right on, Bro. Thanks for releasing those spawners -- and enjoy your doubly-earned filets.)

Thanks to M.R. for the drop-off of jerkied (or, more correctly, “jerked”) bluefish. I had given him my favorite jerky ingredient recipe and hadn’t thought further about it. Then, arrives this totally delectable jerky (with a bit of smoking, I’m guessing) that is easily as good as anything I’ve made – and from a first-timer, much less.

I can tell from the numbers of visitors that a huge number of new readers have begun visiting this site. A super welcome and PLEASE join in with reports and (a personal favorite of mine) fish stories, be they sublime or profoundly ridiculous. I’m looking for tales of wild runoffs – fish hooked up, sometimes monetarily fought but most often lost with absolutely no chance of even turning the bugger. I still like relaying the tale of the fellow who hooked a “whale.” No, I’m, talking an actual whale that had come in very close to feed on baby bunker a few years back. I felt bad for the whale but then I rationalized what a tiny hook would do on the skin of a species of animal that often has scars many feet long – including squid suction cup scars.

You may have read in the Associated Press about the worldwide hubbub over a 100-year-old harpoon tip recently found imbedded in a bowhead whale? I was a bit surprised over the “news” of such a find. Years back (2000, I believe) there was a story in the New Scientist written by James Hrynyshyn telling about a slew of such finding in these types of whale.

A blurb from his scientific articles read, “To date, Inupiat whalers have found at least six more traditional harpoon heads made of stone and ivory in the blubber of their catches. Comparisons with harpoons at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC date the point to the 18th century, and George notes that the whales that survived those attacks were probably already mature when they were first harpooned. That could make bowheads among the most long-lived animals on Earth…”

The attention given to this recent find offers a veiled acceptance to the deplorable practice of whale hunting since the artifact was found in a harvested, i.e. dead, animal.

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