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Wednesday, June 13, 2007: -- Big bass taken, South End

Wednesday, June 13, 2007:

Some fine stripers were taken on the lip of the winds – right before it began crankin’ heavily from the NE. The hooking was led by South End action.

Hoping to get some surf fishing in before things got too rough, Patrick Phillips, visiting from D.C., grabbed some bunker at Jingles and headed to Holgate (the open section).

Putting on a modest slice of bunker side, Patrick was initially thinking more about holding bottom than serious hooking.

Settling in at about 8 ounces of lead, that was the only settling he managed. In no time flat, he hooked up in a big way.

With the wind really beginning to blow, he carefully fought a sizeable striper, egging it through the building surf.

The hookup and landing was witnessed by an LBI surfcasting regular.

Trying to fish on – even with a major bass already beached – the wind (and curiosity over the size of the fish) got to be too much. Patrick packed up and headed over to have Margaret weigh in his fish at Jingles.

It was a hefty 42 pounds, 14 ounces, at 48 inches long.

The fish catapulted him into second place in the Simply Bassin’ tourney, now holding three fish over 40 pounds, testimony to the size of surfside bass during the spring. (See standings at Http://jaymanntoday.ning.com )

Could there be a 50-pounder in the suds? These NE winds (due to settle down) could be just what the fish doctor ordered – for the last days of the contest. I have no doubt a 50 will show soon –be it boat or beach.

Here a report (and other observations) from site regular Joe Handley: Jay, Fished the Mid-Island surf from 7pm till midnight on Tuesday. There were some monsters out and about but unfortunately none were stripers. Started with a 6lb bluefish right at dark. Then the smooth dogfish moved in. Caught a bunch of CostCo sized dogs, but one really caught my attention. The fish picked up a bunker head and ran for Portugal. He ran nearly half my spool off before I could turn him around. I thought it was a big bass untill I felt the tell tale side to side head shake. When I got him to my light, I was shocked. Biggest one I ever seen. He measured 56". My digital scale settled between 33-34lbs. No camera man tonight---I was solo. It was probably a record of some sort. I released it unharmed.
Around 11pm things started to perk. A school of MEGA bluefish moved through and I caught 3 and broke off (actually bit off) just as many. These fish were bruisers---14-17lbs. I had one bite my leader off right in the wash that was every bit of 19lbs maybe over 20. Quickly went through my last half dozen bunker and plenty of freshly tied rigs. Called it a night just after twelve. No time for the bay tonight.
By the way---I just received the info back on the tagged striper I caught the night Chris R. caught his 46lber. It was tagged in the ocean off North Carolina on 1/22/06. It was listed at 24" at the time. I released it on 5/31/07 at 26 1/2". A certificate, hat, and some loot came in a package yesterday. Cool stuff. Back at it tomorrow night.
Joe H

PS---The mid-island beach and surfline was littered with fishing line, strofoam, plastic bags, bottles, and other garbage tonight. My lines were getting tangled with balloon ribbons, plastic bags and all kinds of other crap. Stuff was floating everywhere. What's frustrating is all my dog leaves on the beach is her footprints and she's the one who gets kicked off this time of the year. Sick and tired of the pigs who don't clean up after themselves.


Here’s an observational report from Steve S., another regular reporter:

1. Got in a few hours Tues AM to fluke the Middle Grounds and south. No doormats, but good ratio of 4 nice keepers out of 6 caught. Plus a few junkfish, of course. On standard killy/squid or killy/Gulp combos. Tide and wind were cooperative till winds kicked up near noon. No hard bites -- just kind of sucked it in -- best success was on the deadsticks. Note: bellies were full of 1" crabs and grass shrimp.

2. Perfect conditions last night to check out the wildlife under the dock lights -- calm and high tide. Lots of 1" spearing, grass shrimp and little crabs. No big spearing seen. Also a fair number of eel-like things with pointy snouts and no meat on the bodies that I've seen over the years -- but bigger than usual (6-8") - are these baby eels or something else do you think? Will get a photo next time and send it if you want.

(I could use that photo, Steve. There are a few things they might be but American eels (elvers) isn’t one of them. I never rule out something new and different. J-mann)


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