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J-mann Saturday june 9, 2007 -- Major bass north end and a half mile of fluke

Saturday, June 09, 2007: I chatted with a few anglers along LBI beaches and none had much luck. Problem could be the over-clear water during the day. There was also baffling bait loss for just about all surfcasters. I told a couple anglers in HC who were rapidly losing bait and suggested it might be kingfish slowly tearing apart clam gobs. It could also be crabs, which are showing heavily in the surf.

I got some astounding hooking tales emanating from the area around the New South Jetty over to the wading shoals. The hooking was fully furious, fish after fish in some instances. The jetty itself was offering stripers to plug throwers. Largest fish were approaching 30 pounds, with many catch-and-release bass. There are some adds to the Simply Bassin’ tourney. I’ll get them out tomorrow. The potential for big bass after dark is sky-high tonight.

The north winds have blown in much milder water. Mid-60s were commonplace.

The JCAA fluke tourney produced a half mile of flatties. Check: www.jcaa.org and click where it says “Click anywhere to see Tournament results.” Largest fluke was 10.62, weighed in at the Jersey City port.


“Hi Jay,

I fished from about 1:00 thru the high tide at 3:20 and stayed until 5:00. Shortly before I got to the beach there was a 28" keeper taken on my beach. There were about a half a dozen fishermen tossing lines. Elliott got a 15" throwback fluke on clam. The guy next to me got a 7 lb. blue on a bunker chunk. I had one hit but put nothing in the box. I had three lines in the water today, one with whole mullet, one with clam, and one with a kingfish rig with that gulp bloodworm. I was loosing the clam every cast and I lost about three pieces of the gulp. The water was at 64 degrees very clean and very clear. That’s it for now. Bob T”


I concur with your observation of all the baby spearing and whatever -- all around my bulkhead and even in deep water at my breakwater at the end of the dock. But haven't seen any big spearing recently - will have to put the dock lights on on a calm night and check. Makes me think that maybe that teaser I use 18" in front of the killie/squid hook should be reeeaaallly small if this is the hatch we want to match. A few years back, I caught my biggest fluke - over 11 lbs - at the Middle grounds on the teaser, thought it was a more standard 2 1/2" size. STEVE S


Greetings Jay,

Unless I missed it, I don't recall you mentioning anything yet this year on the mighty Kingfish. I was wondering if you have heard anything yet on the arrival of this delicacy. In looking back at my records it appears that I have usually picked up my first of the year around the 4th of July weekend. I thought that, this weekend, I might put out a kingfish rig using the GULP bloodworms rather than wasting expensive bloodworms on trash fish, just in case there are some early arrivals that we are unaware of, crusing the surf which, since nobody is currently fishing for them, their arrival goes undetected .

If you hear anything about the arrival of kingfish either locally or below us I would appreciate it if you could let me know.


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