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Friday June 8, 2007 -- Bass rebounding and flukers start your engines

Friday, June 08, 2007: Waves: Small.

Bass are being taken from beach and boat. Small fish are the bugaboo on the beach but amid the smallity are some fine takers-home – and even some weigh-worthy hookups, including a couple more fish past 20 pounds. More bigger bass are going for clam over bunker. I guess that’s to be expected after a storm. Fishing from the hatch. However, the now-calm ocean will surely see a striper preference shift from clam gobs to bunker chunks – again, fishing from the hatch, as the bunker pods reorganize near the beach. Actually, I haven’t got a lot of feedback from boats seeking balled up bait to snag-and-drop beneath. Some radio chatter indicated some folks hadn’t found much bunker-wise.

As you know, I’ve gone mum on fluke as the huge JCAA tourney takes off -- and a doormat can be worth enough money to cover a boat’s fuel costs for an entire summer. I will note that we’re seeing, far-and-away, the steadiest catch of keeper fluke so far this spring.

While I don’t do boat tourneys anymore, I remain convinced that is unspeakably unlucky to fish hard right before an event. Sure, you try to track down a decent zone to hit once the tourney begins but as soon as you find the fish you bolt – long before that 10-pounder latches on and you essentially blow your luck wad 12 hours before the start of the contest.

And I know what some of you are wondering: Are there cheats who would fish an entire day before an event trying to nab something huge and keep it alive until the starting bell rings?

Hey, I sure won’t deny that dubious potential but even then it just ain’t that easy to find a fabulous fish. Besides, there is always the karma monster, that perpetually prowling force that just doesn’t like crap like that – and delights in equalizing things by converting a thousand dollar ill-begotten winning into a blown boat engine that ends up costing “$5,000 to replace.

More reports of rogue weakfish, one to 9 pounds, taken north end on a GULP sassy jigged near the end of the Dike, an area I’ve had great luck when patience allows me to put in significant time-age.

Bluefish are everywhere, coming and going. I still haven’t gone out to grab a load for my jerky.

Interesting observation of the day came as I was hanging out with my little buddies – JR, 4, and Harley, 1.5 -- on the bay beach in Surf City. There was a huge showing of young-of-year spearing – real tiny -- right near the shore for the entire length of that football field-long beach. What a showing of just-born baitfish. As I was doing the wading around thing with the guys, I noticed some surface splashes maybe 15 feet out. I focused in and saw a 10-inch fluke (or more than one) going surface to nab the baitfish. You would think the minuscule spearing were too small to make a meal but I guess enough of them make a bellyful to an enterprising fluke.

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