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J-mann Wednesday May 30 -- Nice weather and hot bass

Wednesday, May 30, 2007:

Another fine day though winds got testy late. I’m a bit stuck between a rock and an off-the-record spot. I have a few very upbeat reports of cow bass all but packed under the bunker pods. Try bass over 50 pounds. I know of two but heard there were more. One very dedicated bassers said he’s had three fish over 40 pounds, all catch-and-release. The technique is the same as it’s been for the past few years: snag a bunker and drop it straight down. If currents don’t allow enough drop to the bunkie, some lead can be added. However, one very large bass was taken on a sassy shaped plastic – maybe a GULP, not sure.

The surf has not been as bass-based. As we’ve seen in the past, a massive showing of bunker pods can seemingly pull bass from the beach. The bunker are not that thick out there at this point. Besides, early morn, late day and after dark brings the stripers back to the suds.

The reports about dogs (spiny and smooth) have reached a new low. Folks going after seabass, tog and fluke are being driven off their quarry by sand sharks so thick there is no getting around them. Those managing to sidestep the dogs are finding a fair take of keeper fluke among small stuff. The keeper rate remains abysmal in some bay and inlet areas. Per usual, every once in a drift there are nothing but bigger flatties – then gone by re-drift. That’s hard to figure since fluke really don’t move around in like-size schools. My guess is an area has better forage and the larger fluke move in with force, driving off the smaller ones.

Bluefish are still heavily in the house. They can play the spoiler in their own right (see email below). Also, they play the salvation for many folks. Related: I had a report of dumped bluefish out off Rte. 72. I checked it out and there were a slew of bluefish – carcasses. I have no idea why someone would start a trip home and suddenly decide against keeping the innards, which had been in ice when dumped, as indicated by distinct melt marks left by ice cubes. I have to think a gardener/angler had second thoughts about enriching the garden back home and off-ed the innards – which had been well filleted.

Emails: Hey Jay, … I was wondering if you could have a section on your main jay mann today page listing all up and coming fishing tournaments both from land and boat. It would be nice to see.
I fished BL 2 times in the past two weeks. First trip anchored up @ double creek / oyster creek intersection for 4 hours, Chummed like crazy and threw clam. SKUNKED. 2nd trip started with live herring. That didn't last long as we couldn't get past the blues. They ate a dozen herring in record time. Then we anchored again and still couldn't get past the blues..... That’s it for now.. Bob K.:

(I’ll start to get the tourney schedule in here this week … j-mann)

4th Annual

Berkeley Striper Club Spring Tournament

Surf and Shore only

No Boats

To Benefit our Tournament and Striped Bass Defense Fund

6/1/07 – 6/10/07

$5000. Plus Including Cash and Merchandise

Guaranteed regardless of the number of entrants !!!

Entrance Fee also includes refreshments

and door prizes at our awards ceremony

Entrance Fee - $25. per person. $5000.+ including cash and merchandise is

100% guaranteed regardless of the number of entrants! This is the

minimum of prizes we will have! We may have even more!

Striped Bass 1st –10th place (1st place -$500. + 1st choice of prizes)

Bluefish 1st – 7th place

Weakfish 1st – 3rd place

Prizes may include a combination of cash and products likely from

Rogue Rods, Barefoot, Pelagic, AquaSkinz, Penn, MinnKota, Shimano

G.Loomis and Lamiglas, Seeker, Tica. Okuma, and Korkers

Optional Striped Bass Pool/Calcutta - $50.

Optional Bluefish Poll/Calcutta - $20.

Optional Weakfish Calcutta - $10.

Winners get 75% of the money and the remaining 25% will be donated to

StripersForever-the internet seeking to make stripers a game fish coastwide

For more info go to: www.berkeleystriperclub.org.

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