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Jamison Stone, 11, poses with a wild hog he said he killed near Delta, Ala., on May 3. His father said the animal weighed 1,051 pounds.

Monday, May 28, 2007:

I take it back. In my last blog I said it hadn’t been an overwhelmingly crowded boat-fishing weekend. Well, yesterday crashed through the ceiling of tolerability, boating-wise. The guys who work gas pumps, boat docks, public launches, law enforcement, etc. said it was quite likely the largest crowds ever seen.

Looking at our increasingly diseased demographic – we’re built out beyond belief an still building thanks to ratable ravenous politicians like Stafford Mayor Carl Block -- – just about any holiday weekend from now into eternity has the potential to see more people than ever before.

While I try to get all sardined folks to roll with the punches (though that might not be the best expression to use), there were loads of blown fuses, including a fierce (and vulgar) in-parking lot shout-fest between departing churchgoers as they jockeyed to get out of the holy parking lot. I also saw a pushing match between two fairly large dudes (with their kids) as they “debated,” in knee-deep water, who was next to launch their sailboat from a totally illegal bayside launch point. At the time, I was releasing a just-hatched diamondback terrapin turtle and was annoyed at the argument. I yelled over in a surprisingly authoritative voice, “Hey, break it up!” And they instantly listened. That was kinda cool. I looked around to see if there was anything else I had to straighten up but the ton of rowdy kids in a nearby swimming area seemed a little too ominous to mess with.

Verbal barrages between boaters were everywhere but they seemed limited to the usual shouts from drifters and anchorers, as other mariners plowed past their fishing zones.

If you have good confrontation stories, drop me a line. I’ve gotten into that stuff since I began watching mixed martial arts from the “Octagon.” How about “Rampage” Jackson easily destroying light heavyweight champion Chuck “Iceman” Liddell on Saturday? Brutal.

As for fluking, it was a mob scene and mob fishing mentality. The overwhelmed flatfish couldn’t have known what hit them as tens of thousand of hooks rained down. The fluke were pulled up at every head turn, after going essentially unmolested for months on end. I think this may be the first time a major fishery had its opening day align with the massively popular Memorial Day weekend. Truth be told, I think it was a piss-poor alignment. I think the three-day take will be just too great and an unacceptably high mortality rate for released fish, as the race for keepers left the undersized fish victimized by reckless releases.

There were some doormats in the mad mix of things. At least two flatties in the 10-pound range were officially weighed in. Overall, it was a tough pick for many with the usual above-average hooking for those folks who happened upon the main vein of fish.

Bassing is middling at best. I’m hearing more about skunk sessions than heavy hooking session. Still, most surfcasters are seeing some striper action. And late last week saw serious stripering, North End.

Congrats to Robert Misak Sr. for what is likely the largest local bass of the spring, a 42-0 he caught on (dare I say it?) a bunker head. He now leads the Simply Bassin’ tourney. Bob has been in that top ten before. This year he’s set the bar real high. Bob got the fish last Friday in Loveladies after getting word of some bigger fish thereabouts. He was only on the beach a relatively short time (hour or so) before the hookup. I’ll chat with him about the fish. I always get some good tips when I hear the details of a top hookup.

As for that bunkerhead thing, I swear this is going to be my year to finally get off the bunkhead snide. I hear tell of huge fish taking heads but all I’ve ever hauled in on a head is a tiny crab or two holding on for all they were worth.

My problem: bunkerhead fishing is the epitome of high-patience angling. For a Type-A personality like mine, a dead head on a dead stick in the dead of night is a tough go, Chinese water torture is more fun.

But just ask those who know how to toss head and they’ll be the first to admit that heads need to sit and sit and sit and sit some more, waiting to be inhaled by that lazy mongo striper that doesn’t feel much like chasing anything too fast. A dead bunker head sitting idly on the bottom is the perfect speed.

Good luck to the BL Bait and Tackle after opening their new bait and tackle branch , located at 8201 Long Beach Boulevard, next to Pinky Shrimp’s Seafood Company and across from Kubels 2.

Huge blackfish caught near Little Egg Inlet. The 18-1 tog was taken by Joe Maccia. Though the actual hookup site was not reveled, there are some super mussel and oyster shell beds toward the old CG Station. A few folks tap into those jagged bottom areas with regularity – and success.

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