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Great holiday weekend, weather-wise. The skates liked it, too.

Sunday, May 27, 2007: What a fishing day – what a fishing weekend. Low winds, ideal surf and bay conditions and a fair showing of quarry, though many folks would have liked better takes on the bass front. Still, the angling pressure was through the roof, especially boat-wise – though it was not anywhere near the record-breaking numbers I had thought after seeing all the traffic coming on the Island.

I’d like to say that most of my reports have been bass or bluefish or fluke heavy but the roost is fully ruled by skates, big skates and a load of spiny and smooth dogs. Junkfish have played the spoiler in some area to the point of driving off surf casters and boaters alike.

To the better side of things, there are bass, blues and fluke being taken with regularity. Nothing scalding, though I had boat chatter of fluke to near bag limits on a couple single-angler boats. “Size is great,” was one on-air comment. Another: “I’m heading in soon. Just about made my bag.” I won’t give the quotes about skates. Mixed company and all.

And some bass over 15 pounds were taken by the legion of surfcaster hitting the beaches before and after the masses of beachgoers arrived. H.H. had a 19-pounder and a plug. Congrats.

More reports in here later today.

I want to make a quick Civics note regarding the recent passage of the Artificial Reef Bill out of committee. Do not be overly optimistic about the fact it passed unanimously. The committee level of passage is actually a confirmation that a bill has merit, in other words, it should be advanced to the next level for larger consideration. Committee members could actually disagree with a bill but feel it must go onto the next level. I’m not saying that what happened, since the initial pressure from anglers to have the bill introduced indicated that many politicos are supportive of the verbiage that would make artificial reefs exclusively diving and sportfishing venues. However, the battle has just begun, including the arrival of the commercial fishing pressure on politicians they have wooed over the years. The lobbying of commercialites is immense and will surely come into play – should they decide to dedicate the time and money. It has to be realized that only a very small number of commercialites pot fish the reefs. Still, that industry is often blindly bounded together – which has led to its downfall in places like the New England, where “brother commercial fishermen” came in and wiped out the fish for the local fleets. Anyway, the grass roots battle for the reefs – that which relies on angler uproar – will begin soon.

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