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J-mann -- Tuesday May 22, 07 -- Surf City to open, maybe tomorrow

Tuesday, May 22, 2007: I have word that the Surf City beaches could open by tomorrow. The DEP has sighed off (i.e. agreed with) the Army Corps assertion that the beaches are safe.

Here’s how the beach thing will play out this summer.

First, the impact of the beach will blow away beachgoers. The Surf City sands are huge, wide and perfectly manicured -- after all the time they had to get them spiffed up. All will be right with the beach world for many weeks.

Then, the finds will begin. I’m guessing right around the July 4 weekend, the south winds will go prolonged on us and the wave action – the most tenacious of any wind direction – will uncover a few (if not numerous) fuzes.

The impact?

Very little.

The entire beachline will not be fully closed, though fuze-specific locales may be temporarily off-limits. Any discovered munitions will be handed over to an Army Corps presence that will be on duty all summer. There might even be some metal detector folks hitting the wet sands to clear them.


Not from the fuzes. But you know this scenario invites pranks by someone with an M80 or quarter stick purchased from firecracker dealers down south.

Remember that scene in “Jaws” when some gumba pretended to be a shark at the height of the shark scare? Neither do I, but it’s a similar situation to Surf City this summer.

The cure for the fuze folly in Surf City?

A massively erosional storm that takes back over half the placed sand. The Army Corps, per a project agreement, will then come in and cover the lost sand with fuze-free material. Of course, that same storm will take away all the sand of Harvey Cedars, Brant Beach and Sections of Beach Haven so there will be a rush for nearshore sand – sucked through a 2.5-inch pipe this time.

You have to admit, this all makes for a very interesting summer. Cool.


“Hi Jay.  Fished today from 11am to 5pm.  Using clams in various Beach  
Haven locations, I went 0-1.  I only had one strike all day long.  I  

was 5 feet from my rod when it went off and it was still taking line
when I picked it up. However, as I went to reel in tight to set the
circle hook, the fish let go. Bummer. Still, beautiful day out
there. Wouldn't miss it for anything.. fish or no fish.

Jay, do you have any information about the accident on Rte 72 tonight
around 5pm? It closed traffic for about 10 minutes for the westbound
folks... not sure when the eastbound folks got going. Must have been
bad to close traffic both ways. Nick H”


“Finally got my boat out this morning - not as early as I hoped, but still caught the end of the outgoing tide. Started looking for weakfish on the way to Little Egg, but after losing a few plastic tails decided not to fight it. Switched to metals and got lots of 2-4 lb blues till the tide changed. Some doubles on the teaser, which I removed -- 2 are tough on light tackle and dangerous in the boat! Then they left and I couldn't find them before I had to head in.

Interestingly, when I was into them I was using a long thin profile metal. For fun, I tried a couple of other wider metals that I usually use on blues and which cast further. But no hits until I put the thin one back on. Switched off again, same result. Odd, since when they are hitting you can usually throw anyting shiney. Maybe they were into spearing and that was all they wanted. Fun while it lasted! STEVE S.”

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