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J-mann -- Sunday, May 20, 2007 -- wind and bass to boot

Sunday, May 20, 2007: Despite wholly honking west winds, many folks were fishing, primarily surfside – boating had its proponents especially west bay where the land knocked the winds down a bit.

For the umpteenth day in row, the surfside hooking was amazingly pop-up in nature. A beach would shine one day while nearby beaches go comatose, then, the next day, the comatose beach would offer bass banging while the previously hyperactive beach went to less than zero. I had that same scenario reported from Margaret at Jingles and reporters from the North End.

The larger bass news is the smallness. There are a load of keepers showing but very few cows – in fact, next to none at this point. I’ll have the heavily updated Simply Bassing board out before noon tomorrow (and faxed to the shops). I’ll also go over some previous leading weights in past years to show the late arrival of the big-ass bass.

How about that bayside blowfish action – near bridges. These are pre-spawn females. They’ll be around after the spawn – and far tastier.

Bluefish are still the most common catch. The fish are seemingly pressed from a mold. Virtually all the fish are 3 to 4 pounds, perfect for my jerky. Capt. Jack Shea Rambunctious -- Barnegat Bay Fishing Charters www.BarnegatBayFishing.com

Boat reports:

wow water temps really took a drop this week. blues still dominate the bay and the bass bite is really on. weakfish are here in quality not quanity. its still not to late to get that trophy weakfish. thursday I had bill stussi from manahawkin aboard for an early am trip bill put the hurtin on the blues again and got his fish of a lifetime a 14lb weakfish caught on the pink delight we took some pics for a photo op then released her what a beautiful site. talk to ya next week. capt.mel

(Nice "release," Cap.)



“Jay, Caught my first two keepers of the year. I resorted to large eating clams. They worked fine. Is there any reason more people don't use the store clams? …”

(It's a matter of price and convenience. The chowders (quahogs) can get pricy by the dozen, even though they're often the cheapest clams at many fish markets. Surf clams, or soft-shell clams, offer larger chunks of meat and are infinitely easier to open than hard-shell clams. One aspect favoring the hard-shell quahogs is the very firm meat. I often use hard-shells because they are easy to stock up on during blow-out tides in the fall. I can cast those tongues way further than the mushier surf clam tongues. Still, when it comes to putting a huge gob of clam on a hook, surf clams win -- though you know as well as me that a third of the gob casts off almost immediately. J-mann)


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