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Saturday, May 19 -- Blues back again -- with emphasis

Saturday, May 19, 2007
The bluefishing has fully exploded again. The channels, be they in the inlets or bayside (Grassy and such), are holding cocktails (2- to 4-pounders) to exhaustion. Some fishing folks are literally tiring out. Boat fishing is far better than surfside or bank fishing, though the suds are still seeing passage after passage of bluefish. I’m not sure why the bluefishing had disappeared for awhile but the massive biomass is an eye-opener.
Bassing in the surf is a bit off in the localized nature of the bite. The stripers really seem to be drifting around in large tightly packed schools, possibly responding to some sort of bait. It makes it real tough to report on since some guys are singing the praises of nonstop takes while others are skunked. And there are some larger bass mixed in. I’ll be placing a couple more Simply Bassing entries onto the chart.
It was an interesting session for some BL boat casters who were going for the bird play, finding the expected blues but also a slew of striper mixed in and (somewhat oddly) at the same near-surface water column level. Some bass were blasting surface offerings.
FIRE FOLLOW-UP: Today I went on a search and save mission – of sorts. I did some charcoal stomping, walking for miles across black fully charred expanses of woods between 539 and 72. As I was heading to the outback, I stopped at Pinewoods and watched the military folks, along with fire department personnel, sifting the ruins of burnt out trailer searching for any salvageable valuable – and I’m talking actual sifting as they shook archeology-type sift boxes.
During my stomp through the charcoal, I noticed the real losers were box turtles. I found three DOAs, not the result of fire but run over by ORV after the fires. The turtles must have gone to the dirt road ruts to get out of hot earth only to be tired under by cruisers zipping around. There was also a burn killed turtle. And a rescue. I found a female turtle heavy with eggs. I transplanted the saved turtle to a richly wooded area in Bass River. She burrowed right down, possibly to offload her eggs. I’d like to ask the high-speed ORV’ers to watch for the turtles back there but I’m thinking they’re not tuned into this column – as they watch World Federation Wrestling into a zombie-like state of mind.
Here’s retro-email with a nice feel: “Jay: Had a busy week so this is from last Saturday May 12. Dropped my new to me boat in at 11th street Barnegat Light to see how it rode. Went to the back of the Dike and saw a lot of guys anchored up bait fishing but I like plugging I raised 3 fish off the shallows then at the very back of the Dike in that gin clear water I watched a large striper start the follow. I sped up the pop and the fish exploded on the popper. A fat 34.5 inch bass. After that just tons of blues at the mouth of the inlet.”

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