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J-mann Blog Friday May 18, 2007 -- Windblown -- but bass anxiously waiting

Friday, May 18, 2007:

Weather things are actually a tad worse than the forecasters had pegged. The winds are a solid 25 out of the NE and the rains were pretty steady last night, though they’ve been reduced to spits by midday. I’m wondering if the cleanup of the surf will happen by tomorrow. Even with that uncertainty, there is a load of anglers on the way, per emails I’m getting.

I saw a couple buddies who had just come off the beach this a.m. They took a lone 26-inch bass for their fight against winds that demanded a 12-ounce chunk of lead to hold. They saw a better bass taken. There’s no doubt the bass are on the verge of a full-blown blast so even the winds let up a bit the opportunity should be there. I guess it should be noted that North Carolina and Virginia did not have one of those amazing big bass winters.

I was purposely light on weakfish info in recent weeks since emotions were running higher than usual this year as keep-nothing anglers confronted those taking home large spawn-ready weaks. I can tell you, in retrospect, that some guys had decent weakfishing, mainly daytime. The night bite was fair to moderate. I want to offer advice past my way regarding spawning weakfish. It is bet to unhook them in the water. They are so ripe now that eggs or milk can be lost by hoisting a fish out of the water. Also, a fish can suffer internal injuries when quickly hoisted up with the weight of eggs pushing outward.\\


 Hey Jay. Just read your Thursday blog entry.  That's fascinating about the derelict boats. I wonder about those every time I pass them - but I didn't know that old wooden yacht on 72 north bound was his too. Should have known, I guess. What's his fascination with old, decaying boats?  
Anywho - two things: One - we are in Forked River and any horizontal surface of our house or property was covered in black charcoal/ash from the fire. Woke up two nights ago in the middle of the night to the smell of burning wood and started to freak. I sprinted all over the house with a fire extinguisher, thinking the house was on fire, finally ending up on the third floor behind the walls. I was crawling back there and the smell got stronger and I got ready to start spraying and noticed the smell was coming from the attic fan. I finally put two and two together and realized it was the wildfire, blazing over 20 miles away. Crazy. 

Lastly, I'm getting 4-5 lb. weakfish off my dock at night under the lights - but not since 2 nights ago. B.L. forked river”
(You’re one those folks I mention are nabbing decent weakfish with regularity. 
A quick sidebar on the ash and charcoal from the fire. It’s all good. How so? Well, outside the awful loss of homes, that burn not only perpetuates the Pinelands but the pure carbon from the blaze literally filters the rainwater heading into the aquifer below. As you know, we have horrific acid rain problems. So, in a small way, the burn areas neutralize (buffs out) those rainwater impurities – albeit for a very short time. J-mann)

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