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J-mann: Flame is out, bass cruising about and Wes in a mess

Thursday, May 17, 2007:

<(Above: Now that's a peaceful sleep, eh? )

Thursday, May 17, 2007: Things are flaming out and drying up. The rain and west winds have not only put a damper on the plans of the wildfire – which hoped to happily burn for days on end – but reopened the angling ops. The bigger bass are in the surf. Though nothing huge has happened our way just yet, it’s a good bet you can find that keeper striper if you put in the time on the right beaches. However, we’ll have to wait out a significant NE blow, albeit a short storm. It might actually clean up the water messed by the south winds. It should stir up some clams – and fuses.

Word is Surf City beaches will be opened for the holiday weekend. I’ll say this, wait to you see how incredible those beaches are going to look. They’ve been grooming them as the hunt for munitions goes on. Some of the entry points are like nothing we’ve ever seen on LBI: winding entrances with elaborate fencing and some incredible bench-based resting areas.

Dan (of Doylestown) fought the winds and Route 72 diversions (closed in Stafford for the fire) to clam up two bass over 30 inches, his first keepers of the year. One could have put him near the lead in Simply Bassing but he hadn’t signed up.

As you may have heard, Wes Bell has to get rid of those derelict boats in the lagoon end facing Route 72 at Beach haven West – actually that was the very first section of BHW to be built buy the Shapiro brothers. Wes not only has to get the large semi-sunken and fully sunken boats out of the water but the technique must align with the DEP’s eco-standards – not easy, by the way. The fine will be $500 a day if they’re not out of there by next month. I can’t see it happening. The expense to dispose of them properly would likely be tens of thousands of dollars if not six figures. I am getting word to Wes that I’ll help if it comes downb to simple manpower. He had a stroke and isn’t in great shape but my main concern is the folks in BHW who can’t stand the sight of that eyesore battalion. Truth be told, I think some other nearby folks wouldn’t mind lending a hand if they could finally be rid of Bell’s Navy. By the by, he wants to simply pull the boats out and put them right under his billboard (near the lagoon where they’re now at), Judge said, “Don’t even think about it.” Wes is also considering placing the removed vessels near his property along Route 72 – where you see the dry-docked boat on the north side of Route 72, nearing Route 9 (westbound). Truth be told, Wes is pretty much down and out so I’d like to see a way for him to de-boat without jail time – which is surely coming up very soon.

Email: “Just a quick question Jay... I hear stories of lots of ash sent LBI way. My boat is at Causeway Marina. Is there any truth in this matter? Ed”

No truth to it. As the cold front passed late yesterday the smell of smoke was heavy but the steady rain -- an hour's worth -- knocked even the smell away. I live less than two minutes from Causeway Marina.

Berkeley Striper Club Spring Tournament
The 4th annual Berkeley Striper Club Spring Tournament will be held from 6/1/07-6/10/07. This big change for this year is that it will only be for those fishing from the surf or shore. There has been much more interest there than in the boat division. Dropping the boat division will result in us having more prizes for those fishing from the surf or shore. In fact, there are going to be 1st- 12th place prizes for striped bass, 1st – 10th for bluefish and 1st – 3rd for weakfish. Over $5000. in prizes including cash and merchandise is guaranteed regardless of the number of entrants. Those wishing to enter may do so for just $25. Additionally, entrants may also choose to enter the optional calcuttas/pools we have for each species
Our tournament is somewhat unique in that we allow the winners to choose their prizes at our awards ceremony. Even the person who has the last choice will receive a prize valued at over $100. The order the winners will select their prizes is a little complicated but will favor those who win prizes in the striped bass division. Striped bass are the most sought after species and after all, we are the Berkeley Striper Club, not the Berkeley Bluefish Club. In the event any of the winners cannot be present, the remaining prize with the highest MSRP will be set-aside for them.
As in prior years the purpose of our tournament is to promote local striped bass fishing and to raise money for our striped bass defense fund. 100% of the profit goes to this fund and is eventually donated to organizations that protect or enhance our striped bass fishery. Our primary beneficiary to this point has been
www.stripersforever.org, the internet group seeking to make striped bass a no-sale or gamefish along the entire east coast. However, we may donate to other organizations in the future as well.
The tournament boundaries are limited to all Ocean and Monmouth County Waters. For complete information visit
www.berkeleystriperclub.org or call our tournament director, Paul Haertel at (973) 943-8201.

Our tournament pamphlets have been distributed along the coast and the tackle stores in the
Seaside area will have a good supply of them. Applications may be mailed in or you may register in person at Bahr's Landing, Scott's, Alex's, The Dock Outfitters, Grumpys, Betty&Nicks, L&H woods and Water, Fishermans Hdqrs., and Surf City Bait and Tackle Stores. Thanks,

Paul Haertel

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