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Thur. oct 30, 08: Sure looks good out there

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Thursday, October 30, 2008: Waves: Dropping to 2 feet and smaller. Water clarity: It’s having a hard time cleaning up; fair at best. Winds: Begin the lighter offshore winds; ideal fall conditions with some onshore breezes by late day. Potential for very low tides tomorrow afternoon – might mean some interesting jetty end plugging (if enough water is at those ends).

Overall, the collected reports indicate a super surge of stripers and some better blues mixed in – with bass easily outnumbering blues. Prime points of contact are both inlets.

Some striper takes are into double figures, particularly from boats working from off Loveladies northward to out of the region. Little Egg action was held to the inlet area and slightly over toward Little Beach. Chatter was very upbeat.

Jigging is working, as are spreads at a slow troll. Live line is a sure thing but so are many cheaper and easier methods.

Surf fishing pressure is at a typical midweek low. I chatted with some surfside anglers and they had little to chat about – except seeing this other guy walk of the beach recently with a “real nice bass.” Hey, I fully relate. I have ten fish caught by other people to every pathetic one I get. However, the right street means a slew of stripers. That comes from a series of reports out of various tackle shop. On a whole, there is a steadyish showing of both bass and blues. They are mainly singular fish on bait. However, I had a couple calls reports of a nice mix of both blues and bass making for a fun day – I think that was toward the south end.

This could be an incredible weekend for bassing – boat, bay and beach. Even bridge action is picking up. I am going heavy with plugs beginning tomorrow, maybe throw in some metals to see how far out I can reach. I might even go against my philosophy and use a teaser – actually it’ll be an olive/white (Bob) Clouser minnow fished like a teaser. Much thanks to B.M. for leaving me those gorgeous hand/home-tied Clousers (double hawk-sized). Interesting use of stainless steel hooks.

Please take a close gander at this news release. It sure makes double-sense to me:

[Copyright 2008 Environment and Energy Publishing, LLC] -October 30, 2008 - One-third of the world's ocean fish catch is used to produce animal feed, threatening stocks and a resource that could directly nourish humans, scientists said today.

Bait fish, such as anchovies, sardines and menhaden, account for 37 percent -- or 31.5 million tons -- of all fish taken from the ocean. But 90 percent of that catch is turned into fish meal or fish oil to feed pigs, chickens and farm-raised fish, researchers say in a study to be published in the November edition of Annual Review of Environment and Resources.

'The reason I find that so alarming is that it's an enormous percentage of the world fish catch,' said Ellen Pikitch, executive director of the Institute for Ocean Conservation Sciences. 'And fish are fundamentally important to the health of the ocean overall.'

The depletion of bait stocks could disrupt the ocean food web because small fish nourish larger species such as marine mammals and sea birds. Unlike larger fish, the extraction of bait fish is largely unregulated, Pikitch said.

Feeding the fish to animals takes between three to five pounds of fishmeal to produce one pound of farm-raised fish. 'If you're creating protein for humans to consume,' Pikitch said, 'does it make sense to take three to five pounds of perfectly good food and convert it into only one pound of food?'

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