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Thur. Oct. 23, 08: Winds won't go; bass showing briskly; Reef Bill

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Thursday, October 23, 2008: Waves: Rapidly building north swell. Water clarity: Good. Winds: bad.
Well, here comes the skies – again. After some seriously strong west winds, we’re sliding back into a brisk Nor’easter pattern through tomorrow, followed by some unusually fierce southeast winds throughout much of the weekend. No matter how you face it, it’s gonna be blowin’ like a bitch out there.
Per usual, I’ll highlight that stand-by belief that roughness is a fine fall thing when it comes to surfcasting. Nonetheless, it remains a kiss of death to boat fishing. However, there just might be some transitional time (as winds swing) to get out and work the inlets – though hitting the wrecks will remain rocky for any small craft. By Saturday, gale warnings could be in effect even close-in – attesting to just how oddly muscular those southerlies will become.
Midday today, the Barnegat Inlet had a nice showing of bass and blues.
As for what’s catching surfside, it’s a very mixed bag, action-wise. It quickly swings from slow angling to some nice takes.
Per BL Bait and Tackle, the front beach “lit up” late yesterday, with bass and blues (weigh-in worthy) being taken on chunk baits. The fish were apparently feeding on herring, bunker and corncob mullet.
On the north end, Scott law worked that afternoon action to hoist a super-fine 36-15 striper, taken in HC using bunker. Such singular bass showed from north to south. Bluefish is the 10-poundish range also made quick stops along many LBI beaches. No major slammers on plugs.
M. S. using live spot at the Holgate Rip had bass atop bass.
I had a photo emailed of a “please identify” fish. It was a very nice (large and released) Spanish mackerel. They’re not that uncommon this time of year and definitely seem to show in the fall, especially when the surf is rough and the blues are a-blast. The mackerel must not fear the blues at all – and might even run near or within bluefish schools. Years back, I held the state record for Spanish mackerel after taking a 8-something-pounder on a plug thrown into tossed Holgate storm surf. That record feel to a boat fish (9-12, I think).
Here is the legislation being voted on today in the senate:
Prohibits the use of certain fishing gear on artificial reefs.

As reported by the Senate Environment Committee with technical review.

AN ACT prohibiting the use of certain fishing gear on artificial reefs and supplementing P.L.1979, c.199 (C.23:2B-1 et seq.).

BE IT ENACTED by the Senate and General Assembly of the State of New Jersey:

1. No person, within the marine waters of the State, may use, leave unattended, set or deploy fishing gear, other than rod-and-reel, hand line, spear, or recreational gig within 100 feet of any area for which the department, or any other State agency, has been issued a permit by the United States Army Corp of Engineers for the construction of an artificial reef.

2. The department shall apply, within three months from the date of enactment of this act, to the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council to designate all artificial reefs constructed under the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife’s Artificial Reef Program within federal waters as Special Management Zones pursuant to section 648.146 of title 50, Code of Federal Regulations.

3. This act shall take effect immediately.

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