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Saturday Oct. 18 -- Winds make things tricky -- surf bass potential

Holgate dead-tree beach forest. GREATLY APPRECIATED: It’s that annual humbling time when I seek donations to keep this site running through the coming year. I have no sponsors -- outside those who read and support the site. This is my only fund-drive. Any and all donations go toward the website. And financial support is needed. Jay Mann 222 18th Street Ship Bottom, NJ 08008-4418 Saturday, October 18, 2008: Waves: rapidly building NE to 6 feet potential. Winds: SCA for NE winds; possible 30 mph gusts late. This is a quick weather note – which most boaters have noted already. The combination of a strong high pressure to the north and a potentially very large storm detonation far to the south (south of NC) has the potential to really rack the winds by late-day. While winds are forecast to reach 30 mph there is also the chance for them to crank toward evening and into tomorrow. Gusts to 40 seem possible. That makes boat fishing life tough for even the big boys. The surf fishing potential is building since large bass are already on-scene. It will obviously be a tough go but that is what the famed fall fishing is all about – a men-from-boys type thing. Break out the gnarl gear. I think the north end of the Island shines during these blows, though yesterday’s bass bite seemed all over the board. If there is an up side for surfcasters it’s the fact these winds and seas scatter the bunker bait balls, even driving them more onshore. Note: I was taught long ago that during conditions like this you do not have to cast out that far. There has been many a trophy bass taken literally in the slews just beyond the shorebreak. This concept looms large since tides are such that much of the daylight hours will be showing a high tide – made higher by the storm/high pressure surge. Also: I know many top pluggers who think stirred conditions are the perfect time to use large poppers. For me, fall churns are the only times I risk my beloved 02 Redfins, which I retrieve much deeper and faster than usual. For those not wanting to get overly windblown, I have it on good authority that the bass action on the baysides is picking up. A 22-pounder was caught last night, BH. Dark is the prime time. As you know, bayside bass (with the exception of those taken off the Causeway bridges) qualify for the tourney. Buggy notes: Holgate’s dead-tree beach forest is worse than ever. The protrusions block all chances of reaching (or departing) the tip until the tide is significantly down. Also, it’s easy to get stuck at the end id departure is not well timed. There are too many branches to saw them off, as some folks have suggested. Elsewhere, there will surely be some beach overwash with this blow so the sands might get fixed in the Brant Beach area where the sands were very chewed up – and aggressive. Updates later.

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