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Thursday Oct 16, 08 -- Slow and not cooling that much

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Thursday, October 16, 2008: Waves: Groundswells continue to keep things stirred in the shoreline.
(Early day report – please email any Thursday hookups)
It’s slow. That opening salvo of slammers bound for the LBI Surf Fishing Tourney was something of a false start. Things didn’t just slow down, they hit the brakes so hard weigh-ins flew out the window. Not a single bluefish in the tourney for the past couple days. Small stripers (just keepers) are showing both in and out of tourney. These are individual fish unrelated to seasonal striper surges. In fact, these are pretty much the resident fish we didn’t have all summer. The leader of the bluefish division is 15-4 while the top bass is 21-4.
The Weather Service folks have greatly modified the weather forecasts for the coming week. It first looked as though the north branch of the jet stream might really dip south and bring in very noticeable fall-ness. Now, some entrenched miler air over much of the country looks like it’ll win out. We’ll surely lose the near-80 degree days but after a quick chill snap over the weekend, we’ll be mildish once more. This is not the best news for the autumn angling action. Oh, well, there’s nothing wrong with a barely enter-able striper winning an entire week or even a segment.
I always hesitate talking about the IBSP bite since it is so unrelated to our LBI action. However, many boats heading out Barnegat Inlet head that way – and they’re finding some torrid action not far off the beach. Schooling stripers are both on bait and also cruising – findable by jig or troll. Again, that means nothing by way of predicting what’s soon to arrive hereabouts.

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