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Update Wed. Oct 15, 08 -- Tons of e-reports and such (Thanks guys!)

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008: LATE –
Waves: A significant groundswell built throughout the day; waves 3 feet with larger sets.

Huge influx of great emails to put up.

Odd news of the day centers on the supposed taking of tuna in Holgate surf, as forwarded at BassBarn. I had this forwarded to me: Tuna in t...htm (25.8 KB). Here is ther bassBarn.com thread:
(This is firsthand from the angler (not my story):

“Let me first say I've never been offshore, nor have I ever caught a real Tuna inshore! Little Tunny, Skippies, Bonita yes! I have never caught a Tunny from shore either! I have been trying from the yak for years though unsuccessfully! Anyway, yesterday I fished LBI, after not getting a beach permit for here in Brig. this year, it felt great to be back on the beach! The water up there is always so much cleaner than here! It was really clean light blue aqua marine despite the full moon yesterday! There were clouds of bay anchovy flushing out the inlet and along the beach. More than I've ever seen I got in on some jiggin action for bluefish and sea herring on the inlet, nothing but crabs out front bait fishing! At dead low tide I was riding the front beach looking in the pools for bait not seeing any! I see in the distance something big, flashing and bustin a huge cloud of anchovy, outside the 2nd bar at the mouth of a big run out! In close I notice something flapping in the wash! As I get closer I see flashes of blue, gold & purple! Then I notice how BIG it was!! Hhhmm, definitely not a Tunny! Maybe a BF? I walk into the wash and it reacts to my approach with the rapid tail beating! Spraying water at least 30' in the air, wetting me and my truck up on the beach!! I get up close and realize it's a 80-100 lb LONGFIN true ALBACORE TUNA!! I try and grab it by the tail, but it is beating that sharp tail a hundred mph! Finally I get a hold on it, I go to pick it up, it's really heavy and started slowing down. I decide, because I thought I needed a tuna permit to possess one, to try and release the fish. I walked it out and tried to revive it, to no avail! After examining the fish thoroughly, not a blemish on it, still flappin I decide to fillet it up! I drag it up on the beach and wave down the 1st couple trucks that come by! We whacked it up on the back of my truck, bleeding all over the place! I only had my phone camera with me, but the 1st jeep that stopped with 2 kids snapped some shots with their camera! I shared the meat with these guys and released the carcase...I stopped at fishheads and showed them my phone shots. It's when I got back to Riptide B&T guys in the shop said I didn't need a Permit for Albacore DAGGONE IT! I would have liked some great photos of that fish, I'm still STOKED!! MY first Tuna caught with my bare hands!!! UNREAL... Fish Story of my life! I'll never forget it as long as I live....

Here are some getting (un)hooked emails:

Caught a monster Blue on a Mann's Stretch Plug. Threw the blue on the floor of the boat, the blue jumped on me and I got my leg hooked Went to the hospital, the procedure was to drive the barb of the hook all the way back out through the skin, clip the barb and back it out. Procedure was done in less then 5 minutes.

Hi Jay;
I just read your blog and saw that you asked about doctors removing hooks. I've had hooks removed twice by doctors. Once in the office and once in the emergency room. Both times they followed the same procedure prior to hook removal. They numb the area by injecting lidocaine which hurts worse than the hook does. Wait a few minutes, then remove the hook. The Doctor in his office backed the hook out, while the emergency room pushed the barb thru. The difference was the style hook and the angle the hook was in the fingers. The hook that was backed out was from a Bomber that penetrated straight into the finger towards the bone. The other was a fluke hook that came in on an angle that was towards the other side of the finger. Kind of parallel to the finger nail. This was the one that they pushed thru, cut off the barb, then backed it out. One think I found out is that is a good idea to bring your own cutters to cut the hook. The doctors office did not have anything that could cut the 4X treble. I had to go out to the car and get a pair of side cutters from the car. The hospital tried about 3 or 4 cutters before they got a pair of bone cutters that was able to cut the Gami fluke hook. They were a nice pair of cutters. I tried to get them from them but they wouldn't give them up.
Hope this helps.

I wasn't the guy you wrote about but I have had two recent incidents with
hooks The first time I was working in my garage and had some old surf plugs
in an old milk crate it shifted and fell against my shin impaling one of the
barbs deep in the skin I thought about 3 hourss in the emergency room and
grabbed a pair of plyers and pulled it through, the result was extreme pain
I saw stars for at least 5 minutes and nearly passed out. Then I cut the
barb off and pulled it out easily. Would not recommend it without some kind
of numbing and don't think I would try it again.

Second incident happened last year fluke fishing. After landing a 5 lb
fluke on a high low rig I was extracted the lower hook from the fish but the
leader between hooks got in the fishes gill he did a violent flip and pulled
the leader and upper hook into my thumb impalling the barb in the bone of my
thumb. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't get the point out of the bone.
So drove the boat back thru the inlet and to the ramp loaded it on the
trailer and headed to the emergency room. They called the "hook doctor" and
he was amazing. I couldn't watch but my wife did. He placed a steel rod
about 1/8 inch in diameter along the shank of the hook and rolled it around
the hook he goot the hook loose and pulled it out through the hole it went
in, without enlarging the hole he used the rod to somehow guide the barb
back out its original path. Only took about 5 seconds and the hole in my
finger was tiny.

Bad side of the story in two weeks I was back at the doctor with a MERSA
infection. Fortunately my familyu doctor reviewed the lab culture tests
selected an antibiotic and knocked the infection out in 10 days.

Moral is be careful with the hooks it is better not to get hooked in the
first place!!

Keep up the great columns

Carl C.

have been reading your website for a couple of weeks and enjoy it daily


I have a question

i was/am looking for a good baitcast reel to fish the surf at lbi

i just purchased a abu garcia ambassadeur brute 6600 reel

it appears smallish

could you let me know if this is a good choice

or could you possibly make recommendations


(I’ve used that exact same reel to above-average ends. It casts great once tweaked. Do not be fooled by the size of a baitcast reel. Unlike spinning reels, a smaller real can handle large loads. The rod has to be just right, though. I also have a larger Penn baitcast and it also works fine – but seems to be cursed, fish-wise. Has nothing to do with the reel I’m sure. J-mann)

North End report:

Had the curse of all curses this morning. Lost a fish on my first cast. The fishing god's were not happy. Didn't have another hit the rest of the morning. Fished from 4:30 til 9. Swimmers and bucktails. Talked to others...same story. Water looked nice. Still no sign of bait.

$16.6M available for next LBI phase; Another $15.7M for Surf City
TOMS RIVER, N.J. - As retiring House Member, Congressman Jim Saxton (NJ-3rd), closes a 24-year career in the House, Congress has allocated the most federal funds ever to continue the beach erosion repair project on Long Beach Island, Ocean County, N.J. Saxton announced $11.7 million in new funding for beach replenishment.
“This $11 million is more than twice as much as we’ve ever obtained in a single year for beach replenishment,” said Saxton, who embarked on the long-term project with the late Ocean County Freeholder and Long Beach Township Mayor, Jim Mancini, in 1992.
Saxton said $11.7 million is in the “Consolidated Security, Disaster Assistance and Continuing Appropriations Act of 2009,” a continuing resolution appropriations bill that funds the government through March 2009. It passed the House Sept. 26, and the President signed it Oct. 1. The previous highest amount of funding for beach replenishment had been $5 million in 2005.
“We hope to see the Army Corps of Engineers award a contract for the next phase of beach replenishment in the next few months,” Saxton said.
On a separate track, Saxton has obtained funds to clean up World War I fuses in Surf City. In early 2007, a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers construction project to rebuild eroded beaches unintentionally dredged up offshore sands that included the ordnance, and distributed it on the beaches of Surf City.
Earlier this year, an additional $11.7 million to the 2008 defense supplemental appropriations bill for the Surf City clean-up was approved. Saxton also added an amendment to the 2009 Defense Authorization Act, H.R. 5658, which provides that the federal government assume 100 percent of past and future costs of cleaning up fuses discovered on the beach. The legislation was signed by the President Tuesday.
From previous years, there remains some unspent funding. An additional $4 million from the FY2007 emergency supplemental bill is available for the Surf City clean up. Also, from the FY2008 budget, there remains $4.9M for LBI beach replenishment.
“We’ve overcome some hurdles,” said Saxton. “The bottom line is there is a total of more than $32 million in federal funding available for future work on LBI.”

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Comment by Muscles Marinara on October 16, 2008 at 11:11am
In response to Randy's email, I have been using a Penn 525 Mag on one of the new Shimano Tiralejo Surf Rods and it casts a country mile with very little backlash issues. Conventional reels have come a long way, I have gotten my timing down so I can even use it at night and pretty accurately guess when the bait is about to hit the water. I tweaked the reel at a local football field when I first purchased it. After a few adjustments I was throwing 7 ounces about 70 yards, which is great for me.


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