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Monday Oct 13, 08: major bluefish takes; one huge striepr

Report from angler: "Nothing to tell really. 41-10lbs, 46.5" North end 7am outgoing on homemade yellow pencil. Not a spot that anyone doesn't know about. The fishing for the last 3 days has been really bad. If it wasn't for that fish we would have gotten skunked along with everyone else that we saw fishing. I guess that was 99% luck which is the way fishing can be sometimes. My son and brother left today, I am here few more days, and don't feel all that hopeful about catching much else. I am just grateful that my son was with me and had a big part in helping me land that fish. He has netted my 2 biggest fish of my life. He netted a 40" musky for me when he was 12. I just wish I could have gotten him on some fish. We will try again in November. Dan" Further Update: The South End was the high explosion area late yesterday. The blues were so think you couldn’t NOT catch them. Plugs, bait, and spittle – it mattered not. Top take that I heard about was a 15-something slammer taken by an Ohio angler who signed up for the Classic on Friday – and was knee-deep in ravenous blues thereafter. Boy, that’s gotta be tough drive back home to Ohio, with visions of what tomorrow might bring in the LBI surf fishing zone. The other part of the blues madness had to do with the variety of baitfish being beached. Spearing, spot, bunker, herring, kingfish and even small weakfish were opting out, beaching themselves as a final solution to being eaten alive. Monday, October 13, 2008: waves: Small. Water clarity: Good. Winds: Light offshore. There were some blinding flashes of brilliance yesterday, per sources other than myself since I came across very little of noteworthiness, leaving just as all hell broke loose on a number of beachfronts. Slammers to 14 pounds had fishing folks going wild. The bite was more or less between Loveladies and Brant Beach, though the South End was teetering on an eruption based on nervous bait being seen all day. Over 50 blues hit the LBIFC leader board. The top take went to Scott Simpson, Hainesport, NJ, with a 14/9 slammer on bunker. The action was chunk bait oriented, though plugging, jigging and metal-tossing also worked when action was obvious (birds and bait pods flush to the beach). This LBI striper story all but jumped out at me: A 41-10 bass was taken by Dan Garby of Warwick, NY, while working a North End jetty. That in itself is biggish news but there were some angles to this landing that actually made me a tad jealous – which seldom if ever happens since I thoroughly enjoy hearing and seeing other folks take fish. This cow was taken on a plug. Wow. What’s more, it went for a homemade pencil popper. It was not an LBI Surf Fishing Classic fish. The bass was weighed in at BL bait and Tackle. I hope to get some more details since that is a major fish – and had to have been a major fight – on a plug. Emails and details: “Jay, I could resend yesterdays report for today. Maria and I set up in our mid island spot around noon today and like clock work, here come the bunker with big bluefish right on their tails. Once again, it was total mayhem. Bunker running for their lives, getting corralled in the jetty pockets and an armada of bluefish stalking and picking them off one by one. Maria and I each caught our tourney entries for today on poppers. Both were 10lbs+. My buddy Dan arrived in time to catch a few as well. I lost $30 worth of poppers to these monsters. At times we just stood on the top of the jetties watching these fish pour over the bar in pursuit of the bunker. The water was so clear, we were site casting to the biggest fish. What a blast. Once again I didn't see anyone else catch a fish other then the three of us. They did move at a high rate of speed. Anyhow, I just got done walking my dog for the last time of the night (12:15am). I always bring my plugging rod with me on our after dark walks. I was throwing a black mombo minnow under the bright moon in the mid-island surf. About ten casts in it got smashed. After a drag burning run, the fish violently shook his head and threw the hooks----bummer. I think it was a decent bluefish. The plug was marked up a bit. Probably back to work tomorrow (depends on if the fish show at daybreak). Probably fish during the week as well, Joe H.” Hi Jay, Thanks for the website. Its a great way to stay in touch while living in northern NJ during the week. Sunday I was off LE inlet in the midst of bunker. Being new to the snag and drop fishing I have a few questions. If there seems to be no fish harassing the bunker, should I move on or do I stay with the bait awaiting action? There was a ton of bait out there Sunday. Also, can I just snag the bunker with a weighted treble and let it just do its thing? I was using this method, plus live lining with an unweighted bunker, hooked above the dorsal. Thanks again and look forward to hearing from you. Rick (You can’t catch what ain’t there Vs. make ‘em an offer they can’t refuse. Short of using one of those underwater cameras devices, it’s impossible to know what lurks below a baitball. However, human nature seldom allows for over-patience, especially when there are other baitballs to snag-and-drop beneath. It’s being there when the bell goes off. In fact, if ever there was a perfectly appropriate association, it’s when fishing baitballs within eyeshot of the Atlantic City skyline, where slot machines are ringing away like Pavlovian bells. When you work a baitball to absolutely no avail, you know the minute you motor off another boat will slide in right behind you and the will hit straight 7’s(!). Most folks just drop the bait down after snagging. Some used slightly weighted snag hooks. Others opt for some lead, especially if mid-column blues are lurking. I’ve found that split shots strategically placed can add just enough drop-age to make things just right. Remember: If you go straight snag-and-drop using a treble hook, any world record fish (including line-class contenders) will be disqualified since trebles are considered “gang” hooks. J-mann) I headed out Sunday to catch a ride on the Carolyn Ann III for sea bass and I was happy to see a loaded boat of fisherman set for Fall wreck fishing. The 3 day weekend and 70 deg. weather bought out the arm chair quarterbacks for a try at a nice fish dinner. People were fishing with clams ,crabs, squid, mullet ,and even shrimp trying to turn on a pool winner. Me and a buddy caught over 100 fish [sea bass,. porgies, ling, blackfish] took home 9 keeper sea bass . Capt. Will H moved around a bit as the pick on the wrecks slowed down and the Crew kept all hopes up of the big one that might appear at any time. Fishing was steady but many shorts came over the rail. Also there was a RED TIDE that ran in bands over the wrecks south of the inlet , I was told by the crew that was not there the day before! Jay ,Is red tide the norm for this time of year with an Indian summer? Hopefully cooler weather to come will bring on bigger fish counts on the wrecks . Jim G. Waretown (No, red tide is not the norm as waters cool. However, they had some serious red tides to our north all summer and what you’re seeing is the break up for those algal blooms, as the shift to north winds blows the residuals this way. Fortunately, the diluted algal blooms are not a significant threat. They are primarily surface-oriented so fish can easily get out of them and to oxygen rich water. There is no health hazard from fish caught in or near these remains of red tides. J-mann) I fished the north jetty Saturday morning along with about six other boats live lining. Spot was the bait choice and I saw only a stray bluefish pulled up. I then tried a drift across the bars with no takers. Went into the sod banks for the start of the outgoing and made two long drifts without a touch. There were also clammers anchored up but they had nothing to show in talking with them. I them went over to double creek right next to the dike and picked up one 29” fish and saw a guy clamming pick up 3 all about the same 28” size. WP

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