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Sunday Oct. 12, 08 -- Blues looked large -- smaller today

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Sunday, October 12, 2008: Waves: 2-3 foot north swell. Water clarity: Far too clear.

I might as well start with yesterday’s news. That bluefishing action written about by Joe ended up injecting 13 weigh-ins for the first day of the LBI Surf Fishing Classic. The blues were working the baitballs. The largest was 12-7 taken by Steve Taylor using bunker in Loveladies, midday. A close second went to Robert Vallone who used a plug to win over a 12-5 in Harvey Cedars, same time frame. There were also 2 stripers entered but they were rogue fish. For exact details of the Classic go to: http://www.lbift.com/2008Week1.htm.

As for today, there were some residual blues. Not many and not all were tourney bound. A couple slammers came to light mid-Island, midday. There was also massive showings of near-the-beach bait, especially south Beach Haven. Spearing, peanuts and big bunker were showing, often in dark clouds in the case of bunker. Generally, the better baitballs hung just beyond casting range – and weren’t getting harassed by gamefish the way they had been the day before, mid-Island.

I did a dash of beach time and also did a goodly load of communicating and from all indicators it was just not hoppin’ out there. It was piss-poor for many folks, due in large part to aquarium-clear water. Still, the large blues now in the surfline system along with those here-and-there weigh-worthy bass spell a good upcoming week -- for those of us who do out more serious casting during non-weekend stretches.

By the by, the bluefish on Saturday were going crazy on plugs and metals (spoons, like Hopkins). By my measures, there’s nothing finer than having mega-blues annihilating artificials. That’s fishing.

Email: “Jay, Is the mullet run over? Did it even start? S.M.”

Yes and no. It seems very over. No, it never got rolling. By many evaluations, it was the worse run of the vital baitfish in decades. Fortunately, there are tons of other forage fish to fill the void. By all appearances, it’s a banner peanut bunker year. Also, the spearing count was in some other dimension in the late summer. The migration has decreased to about normal. The bay anchovy (rainfish) showing looks as if it’ll also be stellar. Big bunker have been thick for the past couple years.

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