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Sunday Oct. 12: Blitz update from yesterday.

Here's a Joe H. report: Jay,
Wow, what a Saturday on the beach. Maria and I set up in the mid-island surf around 11am. We were not expecting a lot tourney wise, so I fished mainly for kingfish. I joked with her that the fishing would turn on around 1:15pm. You see, we were expected at a cousins wedding in Cherry Hill at 5pm, some 50 miles away. We planned on leaving Brant Beach no later then 2pm so we could go home (Eastampton) to get showered, and dressed in time.
Well the fishing was uneventful until 1:10pm. I spotted a small school of adult bunker bolting south down the inside trough. I ran for my spinning rod and snagging hook. I had to move quick, they were hauling ass. I snagged one and live lined it. I began swimming the fish back north towards the truck. After 10 minutes not much happened. Meanwhile Maria is putting the kingfish rods away, along with the other gear.
We hop in the truck and start north and didn't get 100 feet when I saw the first bunker school move in. It headed right for a lone swimmer right in the wash. Those fish were looking for a place to hide, cause a massive pack of bluefish were right on their tails. Those fish chased the swimmer right out of the water. We ran for the big poppers and quickly hooked up. We both landed 8 and 9lb + fish. It was mayhem. I saw a bunker that I had snagged get slammed by a big bluefish and then a large bass (over 30lbs) came up and took the fish right from under the blue's nose! I also missed a decent bass that followed my popper right to the drop off. I just ran out of water. The fish only stuck around for 30 minutes or so and then move back out. Saw massive schools of bait and breaking fish about a mile off the beach.
Needless to say, we wanted to catch a tourney entry so we stayed a while, and caught a pair for a day 1 weigh in.
Just like I said--- the fish would show up right when I had to leave. So off we go to Margrets for weigh in. Then to the bayside to clean them. We leave Brant Beach at 3:45. More mayhem. Zipped home in about 45 minutes. Both get showered and cleaned up---dress and suit,and we pull into the wedding at 5:20pm. Not too bad.
Then as we were eating dinner at the reception, I was reminded of a mastercard commercial.
Creek Chubb Popper---$7.00
Tica Rod & Penn reel---$200
Picking bluefish scales off you fingers at your cousins wedding after the first blitz of the season---PRICELESS!
Want to head up now (1:40am)for some baitfishing, but I think I'm going to let it go till tomorrow night. I'm beat.
All for now,
Joe H

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