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Saturday Oct. 11, 2008 -- Wind doesn't help the cause -- maybe tomorrow

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Jay Mann
222 18th Street
Ship Bottom, NJ

Saturday, October 11, 2008: waves: Choppy 3-foot north wind swell. Water clarity: Good.

Well, the NE wind played a near-spoiler today. Where forecasters suggested light winds, it was instead blowing a steady 12 to 15 mph along the beach and in nearshore waters. It was actually a tad lighter bayside.

It wasn’t a total blow-out. There were simply too many folks wanting to go fishing to allow the gusts to win out. I fished Holgate along with maybe a dozen other buggies. The boat traffic was fairly brisk for the conditions. I also saw charters and Miss Beach Haven heading out. Boaters were tucking inside Beach Haven Inlet, using the Holgate tip as a windbreak.

Fishing was very slow where I was checking. A few blues showed. The North End seemed to have a brisker bite but I’ll wait until I get official reports before I elaborate.

Buggy note: A charge of buggies along much of LBI has quickly loosened the sand. There are many deep-dish stretches that require low air pressure – and a pretty good command of how to run the beach. Also, the buggy entrance/exit street ends are very chewed up. Holgate is impassable during high tides. Don’t try it. Also, DO NOT stop and begin fishing adjacent to the tight point -- where you can’t go further south. Guys get all set up with numerous rods, planning to functionally wait the tide drop. What they don’t realize is there might (probably are) folks down at the tip/rip. If those Rip buggies make a break to get off the beach as the tide drops, they get rolling to get by the obstacles and there is absolutely no stopping for spiked rods. You can’t blame the guys coming off the beach. In order to get by the obstacle area, you have to get a head of stream up – and it’s very hard to see way ahead as you begin the bolt.

Sea bassing has been excellent on the wrecks and structure. Porgies are frequent catches but they are running very small for this late in the year.

Email: Jay,
Fished the BB, BH, and Holgate surf today under the bright sun. Very slow going. Only caught 1 large kingfish on Holgate. Saw some bunker schools in south BH.”

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