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Tuesday Oct. 7 08 -- Still not so hot out there; some stripers -- Fote clears up fluke in tourney controversy

Tuesday, October 07, 2008: Waves: 2 feet, north. Water clarity: Excellent. Water temps: Holding upper 60s.

Headline: Still not so hot out there; some stripers -- Fote clears up fluke in tourney controversy

Bass are poking their heads up here and there, chasing bunker and spearing near the beach and after bunker balls off Little Egg Inlet. I heard of a few caught along the beachfront, including some just-keepers. I personally plugged a bunch of jetties from mid-Island south and had a number of short hits that I’m pretty sure where fluke chasing my shallow swimming plugs (mirror Red Fin) since I hooked and landed two. A couple of swirls were small bluefish. Overall it was dismally slow. I talked with plugger Tom White who also was also batting zero for loads of throws.

Where the North End had been close to hot for a short time I’ve had three different reports talking of squat times. Here’s one email:
“Fished the north jetty yesterday morning for bass and blackfish. Saw no bass or blues taken even by the live liners. I had no blackfish takes on either crab or clam baits and only managed some nice sized porgies and bergalls. Went out to the bars and jigged and only managed a skate and a foul hooked fluke. Ran out a little further to an area where there were six gill netters looking for fish but saw no readings of weakfish on my finder and verified that by jigging blanks. Called it a day and went in primed to watch a big Eagles win but only saw them draw blanks also. Walt P.”
I should note that some sharpies working the sod banks and sedge edges are still managing some nicer bass using spot or herring. But, as one told me at Wawa “It’s nothing like last week,” referring to some super stripering he had in the same area. (Note: He is fishing bayside, a goodly distance north of Barnegat Inlet – he told me I could write that.
Further below is the Governor’s Cup finals. Tom Fote has cleared up the confusions (and eased the tension) over fluke being allowed in the event. As usual, Tom is way ahead of me (and others) in making sure, ahead of time, that things are kosher. The knee-jerk anger over the fluke being allowed had absolutely nothing to do with displeasure over that fine event; it was instead the festering ire being felt by all us coastal locals having to release nonstop fluke now that OUR fishing season is in session. And that grumbling is not just here on LBI but along the entire Jersey seaboard. Believe me, it’s folks like JCAA and Fote who have fiercely tried to extend the summer flounder season. For how many years in a row (?) let me say, “Maybe next year.”
Joe H. report:
Worked on Saturday, but I did fish Sunday with the family on the boat. We hit our kingfish hotspot on the south end of the island and anchored up and began to chum. We didn't even have chum in the water and we started catching blowfish. We caught around 25 or so, but we only kept 10 of the biggest ones. Also caught 3 or 4 bluefish that we very large for the bay this time of the year. They were all pushing 6lbs. Plenty of sharks as well. Kingfish were a no-show.
Went looking for weakfish after dark, but they seemed to have moved out into the inlet and ocean. Heard boats on the radio off Harvey Cedars and Beach Haven whacking them pretty good.
Will note the bay water was super, super clean. You could see the chum pot on the bottom in 10 feet of water! Joe H
Hutch’s report:
The boats of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association are finding some of the very best bottom fishing of the season as they await the arrival of big numbers of striped bass.
The “Star Fish” under and Captain Carl Sheppard had two bachelor parties this past weekend. They found small schools of bunker being attacked by large blues from just off shore all the way to the reefs but saw no bass around. The weather could not have been nicer when the Markowitz party went wreck fishing on the reefs, and caught over 100 fish, the majority being black bass and porgies. Sean Nagle’s bachelor party found some fish on the reefs and some small blues and weak fish off the Red Tower on open bottom in Beach Haven.
Captain Fran Verdi on the “Dropoff” found very good Fishing on Sunday. He went through Beach Haven Inlet and worked his way north looking for the bunker on the surface. After not locating any, his anglers made some drops off the red tower in hopes of weakfish. They picked off several small spikes but nothing of size. The final stop was the Little Egg Reef, and they fished one area for the next two and half hours. T heir total catch resulted in 4 blackfish, one triggerfish, 15 sea bass, and 20 porgies.
Additional information on the association can be found at www.BHCFA.com
To All,

It was the fluke that won the Governor's Cup at 17 Annual Governor's Surf Fishing Tournament. The Governor's Cup winner was Richard Abdill from Delran with a 21 Inch Fluke. There were no big blues or bass. The NJ Commissioners to the ASMFC had applied to the ASMFC to be allowed to have fluke included in the tournament for scientific research. The Commissioner's realized that only a small number of fluke would be caught and kept since it was a surf tournament. There was only 5 legal fluke weighed in. It was a big sea robin day. I have sent the results as a text file in case you could not open the file I sent in the previous email. I do not have the exact numbers but I know that is was over 900 when I check early on.


Bluefish Category ( 9 Caught)

Adult (Female)

First Place Pat Polovina Silver Beach 18 Inches

Adult (Male)
Third Place Phil Rosso Lambertville 18 1/2 Inches

Second Place Frank Fairchild Westampton 19 Inches

First Place Michael Clinton Carlisle, PA 20 1/8 Inches

Blackfish Category (13 Caught)

Child (Female)

Second Place Kaitlyn Bach (age 11) Toms River 14 1/2 Inches
Overall Child 2nd Place

First Place Amelia Valdes (age 8) Toms River 20 1/2 Inches
Overall Child 1st Place
Teen (Male)

First Place Chris Rosetti Bloomfield 14 7/8 Inches
Overall Teen 1st Place
Adult (Male)
Third Place Claus Faller Beachwood 17 Inches

Second Place Larry Margiotta Theills, NY 17 1/2 Inches

First Place Zoltan Egyed Trenton 19 1/2 Inches

Fluke Category ( 5 Caught)

Adult (Female)

First Place Maryann Batten Kenilworth 18 1/2 Inches

Adult (Male)
Third Place Joe DeMarie Neptune City 18 1/4 Inches

Second Place Steven Rudkin Willow Grove 19 3/4 Inches

First Place Richard Abdill Delran 21 Inches

2008 Governor's Cup Winner

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