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Addendum to Sept. 18 blog -- below this one

Here's a pro report that slipped through the cracks. Sorry, Cap.

9/13/08 - 9/14/08: OK, I didn't report in a while as there wasn't much to report. Until Now! I was out with Brian Little, Daniel Little, Michael Little, Walter Webster, Nathan Blevins, and Bobby Blevins all from Oxford, PA. We first tried a spot out in the Glory Hole for some bluefin that were caught by a few boats we knew. We just missed the bite, but did manage two false albacore tuna. But we were rewarded with an incredible sighting of about 15 whales that were gorging on all the bait in the area. So after a few hours there, we headed offshore to look for yellowfin tuna. On the way out we spotted a huge approximatel 15' shark. not sure wehat kind, but possibly a great white. It was a scene from jaws as I not sure if he was at all intimidated by us as he cruised around our boat. Once out there, I had a nice temp break I found out in the Hudson Canyon. We got our first fish right away and had consistent action throughout the night. Action never really died until sunup. We went 15 for 24 on yellowfin tuna. The biggest weighing in at 65 lbs. We also caught two smaller mahi and an 8 foot blue shark.

Thank you,

Capt. John A. Cafiero

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