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Saturday Sept. 13, 08: Mullet move; blues abound

Saturday, September 13, 2008: Waves: Small. Water temps: 70-ish. Water clarity: Rapidly improving.

There’s some change in the wind – make that the water. The mullet have shown and the spearing are hugely in-place. I bring up the spearing because as I was departing Holgate this afternoon (after throwing nets for hours) a nice quiet bluefish blitz was showing midway point. What’s a quiet blitz? Very few birds and the main tell-tale sign being plots of nervous water, where the spearing were so packed that they looked more like rainfish – famed for such packed in displays. I tried popper and divers but the 2- to 3-pound blues only had eyes for metals. Other working the action had fish after fish.

I have to sidebar here about a phenomenally weird bluefish thing. Down Holgate way the bluefish are so thick that throwing a castnet will yield them by the loadful, including cocktail-size fish. Nothing odd about that, except maybe how many snapper are out there. Nope, the freaky Freddie thing is the way these jammed in blues have no interest whosoever in plugs or even metals. (Forget that frontbeach blitz. That was an oddity, of late.) I’ve been out there (near the back cut) when Stu D. is easily catching blues with bait. I’ve tossed the entire bluefish “artificial” menu at them and not so much as a bump. When can anyone recall blues totally ignoring artificials? I’ve resorted to things as certain as small spinners, used for pickerel. Little snappers can’t resist these. That is, normal little snappers can’t. Not a touch despite hundreds of fish surely seeing every cast. This is so weird that I’m sure it marks some sort of natural cataclysm on the horizon. Just kidding. I don’t want to get blamed for every hurriquake that hits in coming week.

Back to fishing. The croakers are causing normal surfcasting to croak, mainly south end water, including boat-based. There are so many croakers out there that they are already in the way – with millions arriving daily.
The spot are big on the South End. They are also getting in the way of Kingfishing.
Kingfish are the main target of many folks. North End holds the edge in number of kingfish among not-so-desirable species.

Night sharking is very good. I’ve had more reports of larger sharks, non-browns.

Very few stripers to speak of. That should change with all this bait. However, we all recall all too well the way the last massive invasion of croakers led to a near no-show of bass until well into fall. Of course, that was only a theory. I’d prefer to disprove it this year.

Fluke op-ed by site regular:
“While FLUKE season is now behind me ,I have mixed emotions about the season . Like others the season seemed to go buy fast, I know I put more time on the water then before due to the lack of keepers . It seemed that staying out longer each day was due to ,trying to add another keeper to the cooler to make it worth wild so; my question is; How many more gut hooked fluke were released to die due to the 18" size limit and was it all worth it? In the past I spent less gas and time to catch less fluke to put together a dinner of fresh fish. If it was a16.5" size with 3 fish limit I would have been off the water in half the time with my limit this year, leaving 100s of fish untouched and unharmed. Although fishing and catching were up this year I can only think all would have been better off with a smaller size limit. food for thought! Jim g Waretown.”

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Comment by S. Chase on September 14, 2008 at 1:46pm
Couldn't agree more with Jim from Waretown. One day this summer I caught 44 fluke with only 1 keeper. Luckily I did not gut hook many fluke this summer but one is too many. Lower limit/shorter lenght would have save fish, gas and time.

S. Chase
Comment by Muscles Marinara on September 15, 2008 at 1:07pm
Had the same experience in IBSP Tuesday only with bigger Blues. They were driving the bait right onto the beach and we could only catch them with bunker chunks. They would not touch any of our metals although we did manage 2 smaller fish on a Yo-zuri popper. Had fish to 13lbs on the chunks. They wouldn't hit the mullet rigs either, which is bizzare.


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