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Saturday Aug. 30, 08: Let's blitz a bit

A ball of bunker all but beaches during HC bltiz. The kids were cathcing them for their dads.

Saturday, August 30, 2008: Waves: 2-3 feet out of the east; strong currents during changing tides. Water clarity: ideal; clean but not overly clear. Water temps: Low to mid 70s. Blitzed alert: Midday saw some classic bluefish blitzing action on certain Island beachfronts. I came across it (rodless) at 78th street Harvey Cedars, where the guards had called everyone out of the water to avoid being bitten by blues to 10 pounds (landed) and up (some shadows were attached to major bluefish that you could only guess the weights of). I got on the beach in an aftermath period when the jetty ends were a-swirl with tornado-ing bunker, swirling madly in utter panic. They were so thick and shallow that kids were easily scooping them up with tiny hand nets. One dad had his son running over to net a live bunker that he’d them live-line to the tune of immediate hookups. Most everyone of fishing merit had been cleaned out of their available Hopkins (and assorted in-box metals), having come to the beach geared for fluke or kingfish, not for full-bore bluefishing. The action seemingly headed south but also looked geared to come back ashore in HC at any minute. Yes, this looked so much like a fall blitz that I’m wondering if the ocean is on some schedule all its own – as suggested in previous blogs describing how early everything is hauling ass out of the bay and seemingly southward. Holgate’s opening could really be interesting if all this stuff is heading toward Little Egg Inlet, as is common during early migratory runs where baitfish zip out of the bay at one inlet and zip back in at the next to feed up for awhile. Later, the baitfish point their noses south and never look for a stopping point until far, far south. Loads of radio chatter about slow or no drift due to doldrums-like conditions. Inlet areas pouring water out from high tides seemed to get the best flow conducive to bottom fishing flatties. Further out, the action around the reefs is holiday hectic, as expected. The first boats had very fine seabassing with sleepers in not finding nearly the take. The Claw has bluefin, of which I was the utterly thankful sashimi-loving recipient of a fatty chunk, so white it would have sold for $50 a ounce in Japan. Note: There is a meat-eaters misconception that deep red tuna is the best. Nowhere near it. Not to say that lush red meat isn’t utterly incredible when BBQ’ed and such but that rare light-to-white fatty meat is so soft it really does instantly melt in your mouth. I’m angry I ate the whole chunk (pounds, mind you) in nothing flat. I’m Jonesing for some right now. There is a lot of gunk in the water. We missed the syringes that came from the combined sewer overflow out of Northern and Central NJ. What we have is busted up lion’s mane jellyfish that are still stinging for all they’re worth – despite being broken in tiny pieces. I can personally attest to their stinginess having gone into the water between volleyball games to come out scratching like Pine Barrens hound. There are numerous recipes for spot. Its quality is rated “Excellent.” It comes down to panfish preparation, which is that old “cook in the round” directive. Sincere “Good Luck” goes out to the folks in Louisiana. Hurricane Gustav is going to wind up being ugly beyond belief, right before it kicks the door down. Right now a slight (unexpected) jog could take it further west, Louisiana/Texas border. Then there’s soon-Hurricane Hanna, which should become a major storm then either hug the coastline (no way, Jose) or (far more likely) go up the Ohio Valley and drop horrific amounts of rain from Georgia/Alabama all the way to Western Pennsylvania. I hate to wish bad on the middle of the Country but my roof just can’t take a tropical hit – Go for Ohio, Hanna. Then, next-in-line Hurricane Eric will plow into Dade County, Florida, with what could be yet another “Big One.”

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