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Sunday May 18 -- Still slow and then some

Sunday May 18 -- Still slow and then some

Sunday, May 18, 2008: Well there’s good, bad an in-between news on the bassing front.
The bad is forwarded by a load of guys who hit the beach and got squat plus nothing. Not just that, more than a few beach sudsers were actively trying for the grand slam of trash: dogfish, skate, sea robin and stargazer.

An indicative email (one of half a dozen similar ones): “Hi Jay. Cindy and I fished the PM incoming tide today. We fished in
Brant Beach and Beach Haven. We released 2 skates in BB and 1 smooth dogfish in BH. Missed a good runoff in Brant Beach 10 minutes into fishing, but that was about all she wrote today. Fished clams for bait. Nick H.”

As for the “in-between,” that is exemplified by a report that noted, “Jake Behan caught a 36.5 in, 16 ¾ lb bass in the Brant Beach surf yesterday morning around 7am on fresh clam. He also added a 7lb Black Drum around 11am, also on clam.”
I might as well add the rest of that report “…Along with myself, Brian Raiti and Mike Accoridino, we fished almost thru until 10pm last night, then from 5am-10am this morning, with nothing but skates, sharks and a stargazer. We were hoping to get a sea robin to nail the garbage surf slam.”
As for the “good,” a 28-pound bass was taken on boat, reported in email below. At the same time, I got word that at least one striper was entered into the Simply Bassin’ event.
There is a movement to chunk baits – bunker – when hunting stripers. Clams are coupled with the meat.
Overall, the bassing remains beat. Hopefully, it will change in a heartbeat.
The weakfishing has perked up a bit for some boat anglers. I tread lightly here since weakie stalkers are super sensitive about detailing their sites. In other words, I just don’t know -- so don’t come crashing down on me for not disclosing locales. I could guess and get lucky but most bayside sites I know of can be figured out by looking for deep holes near channels. The use of pink plastics remains firmly in place.
The black drum are making a splash in some areas, mainly south end. It seems smaller spawners are now in the mix. Clams fished near the bottom work well.
Bluefishing is a pick. Where they were day-savers a short while back, they are barely adding meat to bare boxes. I keep hearing the cocktail blues will show as good as last year (bay and inlets) but absolutely no signs of this yet.
I probably shouldn’t even bring up the fact that dogfish are out there in seeming massive numbers.
Tog to 8 pounds (yep an 8-pounder) are being taken as secondary catch by folks after seabass. Seabassing is slow.
If anymore out there is nailing fish, pleas let me know. I won’t give an inkling of a location, just word that someone is doing decently since it really seems to be moving to a hideous mid-spring, fishing-wide (we already know the weather is in that category).

Pro report: Hello All, The weather really dealt us a blow this week. The unexpected Nor'easter that hit us Monday made a mess of the bay, and the water was still pretty dirty today almost a week later. I guess that's what a day of 60 mph winds will do. Fortunately, most of the damage was minimal and we were back on the water by Thursday.
Bass fishing remains slow, with water temperatures that are staying five or six degrees below normal for this time of year. Every time it starts creeping up, another storm seems to develop to send it back down again. There are fish around, as evidenced by the 40 inch, 28 pound cow (picture attached) that Vince Barba scored on Thursday's trip. I know I've said this before, but all we need is a little stability in the weather and we should see them hitting in earnest. Bluefish seemed to be making a bit of a comeback this weekend, and should continue now right into summer. We've also been picking up a few nice tog while bass fishing, but they've had to go back due to the early closed season this year.
Until next week.
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