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Friday May 16 -- So slow but things may be warming up

(Some of my recent blades -- vintage bakelite scales (handles) -- relates to final email in today's update) Friday, May 16, 2008: Weather is again a factor but not a major one whatsoever. In fact, some light east winds should bring in the warmest ocean water of the year. This warmth could spur the stir lacking striper bite. The bassing has been near dreadful. Per usual, a few schoolies are showing along the beachfront, near the inlets and inside Barnegat bay. Here’s a pertinent email from our buddy Ron (love that “Lazarus Ron” reference!) ..it's been awhile since i've had anything to write to you about.. it's 11 months since the stroke that grounded me..but i'm happy to report i'm mobile again.. able to drive and hallelujah.. FISH...so i'm even happier to report my first bass of '08...caught last evening wading off the dike while targeting weaks.. and i'm certainly not complaining...he took a tiny pink clouser and was probably keeper size but in thanks to the fish gods i set him free.. hoping i'll have lots more to report again soon. got some catchin' up to do...lazarus ron .waretown.... Here’s another regular reporter – among those having a heeluva time conning stripers. Jay, Fished the BH surf today (Thurs) from 1-6pm. I had few bites on bunker but didn't connect. Pretty slow. Can't believe the toll the last storm took on the beaches. I had a hard time driving all the municipalities south of the causeway at a medium tide. I decided to check the bayside between moves. I had an interesting experience while casting white shad bodies on the bay side over deep water. I would cast and retrieve really slow. Every now and then I would get a retrieve that would get almost stopped, but it would still "swim" at me. I would feel a small tug here and there as well. I finally got a look at the culprit. I had a few weakfish to 8lbs swim right up to the shad and grab the last half inch of the paddle tail and give it a shake. Wild---it was like playing tug-o-war with my dog. They were never aggressive, just acted like they were playing. I tossed my entire plug bag at them and could get them to commit to anything. Clarity bay side was excellent considering the storm we just had. Strangely the fish were there at high sun with some boat traffic in the area. Back at it over the weekend. Joe H (Joe, that weakie tale is a great indicator. A while back I was writing about guys now turning to “Slug-Go” type plastics because they, too, were getting short-hit by weaks that were less than committal, possibly do to much cooler than usual bay temps. Looking back on weather records, there’s been years (many) where we’ve already seen numerous 80-degree days by now. I think we had maybe one such temp-climber (over 80) this year and that was mainland-only. J-mann) Here’s another slow report and another reference to horrific beach damage from near hurricane-force winds from last storm. , Quick report from the south end. Fished the bay early Tues am--too much weed. Ocean cleaned up quicker than I thought Tues aftenoon. Fished a reliable spot without a bite for two hours on the outgoing (clams). Fished 7 hours yesterday, dawn and dusk, one bite despite good looking conditions. Went for a run at low tide this morning and saw some birds working between the bar and the beach. One was having an early "cocktail hour" pecking away at a live blue on the beach. I'm sure you've seen it/heard about it, but the erosion south of town is nasty, especially around Pershing--probably a 20 foot drop off from the bench down to the beach. Back at it now with the incoming. Question: when stripering, do you prefer to pick out a fishy spot and be patient or keep trying new locations if you go a while without activity? Thanks for the updates~ Jeff (The only good side to this huge amount of beach-eat is the fact we’re about to go into the building time of the year when summer south winds usually allow sands to re-accumulate. I say “usually” because persistent hard south winds are even worse than NE winds, though only about one in 25 years sees those south winds so hard and repetitive that serious erosion takes place. We have to hope this isn’t one of those one-in-25 years or beachgoers are going to be using the sharp ends of their beach umbrellas to fight for sand space. J-mann) Hey, I can’t go totally bleak here so here’s a success story to motivate folks to sign up for Simply Bassin’ – as larger bass like this will surely be going beachfront very soon … Hey Jay, Well it was a long winter. Spring has sprung and I'm ready to fish hard after Tuesday nights action. Took a ride Tuesday night over to a mid island night spot with a buddy. I wasn't planning on catching anything since the water was milky from the storm. On my second cast smack!! A nice three pound blue Break the water and spits the Pinky. I thought to myself " Na that was just a bluefish there couldn't be anything else here". About ten cast later "BAMN". It was on, I knew I had a big fish on when it starrted peeling line. It finally came to the surface. As we were looking at it on the top, First I thought blue fish, then seen the tail and definately thinking striper. When I got it close I saw it was a weakie. Brought it up and guess it to be 9 pounds. This fish ingulfed the pinky hooking itself on the gills. I woulda put her back to spawn but she was bleeding to much and would of died for sure. Took the fish to my buddies house and he says" This is more then 9 pounds. We weigh it and get 15 Lbs on the scale. I was like damn that is big. Next morning took it to Tonneson's to weigh in. In the end 14 pounds, 34'' long, 19'' Girth. My personal best. It's on!!! I'll be out tonight mid island bayside......Cya soon. Bob ************ I had an email question regarding the wearing of sheathed knife, in this case a belt knife related to fishing. While my knee-jerk thinking was such a functional fishing toll was fine. It didn’t take much research to realize you can always be taken to task should a cop get testy about wearable blades being “sidearmed” in the likes of Wawa and such. The law in Jersey is very strict about knives over something like four inches (blades). I have made knives for years (with an emphasis on vintage Bakelite handles) yet I really hadn’t looked into the legal side of bearing them. I checked five in-depth sites on the law and knives and some knife-collecting sites warm wearers to be very careful about “holstering” one in public.

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