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Monday May 12 -- Nasty-ass out there

Monday, May 12, 2008:
At risk of stating the obvious, this is frickin’ nasty-ass nor-easter.

At midday, civil defense authorities have closed the Causeway to all traffic. It was first closed when a furniture truck was blown over but the crossing over got so hairy for all traffic that LBI was left on its own until 4 pm. I think they’ll have to open it prior to that but as of this blog nothing comes or goes Causeway-wise.

The winds on my equipment were flirting with 60 mph. Add in rainsqualls and it’s just plain rotten out there. Also, I got word from the Weather Service that gusts not far from LBI had reached 76 mph. What shingling I had on my roof is now in my backyard. I don’t even want to ponder re-roofing costs for my old place. Any roofers wanna help an angling buddy?

The beaches are being brutalized in many areas, especially northern Beach Haven. The full damage won’t be seen until tomorrow. I think I’ll go out fuse collecting in Surf City. They look so good hanging on my wall. What?

Rain is really not a factor, though road flooding should be nasty this afternoon as sewers back up, pouring baywater onto the Boulevard.

This storm is going to ravage the fishing for days to come. No, the rain wasn’t heavy so it would seem the runoff might be less of an environmental problem (weakfish hate run-off). But, something worse than rainwater runoff occurs when sewers back up. Baywater mixes with street swash and literally agitates within the sewer pipes (washing machine like) busting away accumulated gunk and who-knows-what. Truth be told, it’s a worse case scenario for weakfish spawn. The ugly stuff soon to be saturating the backbay waters where the weakies spawn is surely going to carry a load of highway muck not to mention yard chemicals, with many folks having just applied (and, most likely, over applied) spring fertilizers. This is not to say the weaks won’t quickly get back into the bite mode. It means the pH balance of waters will not be right for a successful spawn.

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