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Friday May 9, 08: Weather or not -- remains to be seen

I like it when the shrubberies returns ... Friday, May 09, 2008: As expected, the weather took a turn for ugly. Moderate onshore winds and a fairly steady rain have taken down the angling potential. It should recover somewhat by tomorrow. The rain might be the more problematic sky thing since numerous ocean reports have a couple huge biomasses (schools) of weakfish just off the beach (likely inside the bay by now). There are loads of sparklers 10 pounds and up. Rain runoff is always bad news when weakie stalking. I’ve been forwarded some reports of a state record weakies taken off the beach to our north. I heard something like 22 pounds. I also heard of a weakie that large netted near the beach. I haven’t gotten to the chatrooms yet to read the blog buzz. I chatted with some folks who hit massive blues inside Great Bay area. It sounded a bit deep in (bayside) for slammers but those buggers go wherever they want when rampaging. Still no sign of bunker along the beach. Obviously, this weather isn’t conducive to searching for forage fish. Report below is update on Congressman Jim’s “bunker ban” effort. It’s a huge thing, as most fishing folks know fully. We have a second weigh-in for the Simply Bassin’ tourney. Dante S. – who’s having a kick-ass spring – weighed in a 15-12 34 ¾-inch (19.5 inch girth) bass taken May 9 on clam, South End. I still have to get resend of the qualifying weigh-in from the North End, a slightly small fish. Hey, it’s a start. And, who know, those guys might hold on for 7 weeks to be top money winners. Get signed up to try to knock them out of the lead. ODD NOTE: I do a lot of vintaging around. Along with digging up old things, I do garage sales, auxiliary shops, ands roadside put-out for fabulous collectibles. A big part of that process is eBay e-watching and such – the planets’ greatest real-world indicator of what things are really worth. Well, I had a fellow stop by the antique tool/furniture/fishgear shop where I hang (Norm Cramer’s place on Route 9 West Creek, just south of Gasco Gas Station) who had eye-widening tales of the steals he picked up to round out his vintage fishing gear collection. He was one of many fishing folks who home in on yard/garage sales and even “Pick-up” days on LBI. NOTE: “Pick-up” days are set aside by towns so you can put just about anything curbside for pickup. It is a time of wholesale garage (and even house) cleanouts. The score potential is through the ceiling. Anyway, it is utterly astounding to hear about and see some of the items anglers grab for a song – and sometimes for free. Among the most amazing trash throwouts were two brand new boxed Penn International “50”s – with frickin’ line. I have to think they were the sheddings of a cobra-deadly divorce. Hey, it sure wasn’t ugly for the finder. The reason he stopped by those trashcans? He saw an aluminum beach chair “with a drink holder on the armrest” being thrown out there. A professional “junker” I know, has dozens of tales of new fishing rods and reels, entire filled tackle boxes, unused waders, kayaks – the whole shebang – being cleared out of garages after houses are sold. He now has over 300 bakelite-sideplated bait casting reels dating back to the late 1920s. (I only have about 100 – pulled from the edge of trashcan extinction). On the garage sale front, a fellow stopped by the shop not long ago recalling an armful of split bamboo rods he scored for a few bucks. They were epic collectibles. I mentioned that find on a writer’s chatroom and another coastal guy told about his split bamboo score Ocean County, where a new owner of an old house was throwing away fly rods worth (he sold half of them) over $10,000. Get this: That guys hit the breaks as one of those big green trash trucks was about to empty the can’s holding the rods into the gaping mouth of that crush-it-all dumpster thingy. My buddy Stan has found no less that 300 plugs just checking what’s going streetside.

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Comment by jim kerbaugh on May 10, 2008 at 8:07am
Jay a 22lber would be a new world record, which was just broken earlier in the week up along the raritain area at 19lb 12oz on bunker from the surf.
Comment by jaymann on May 10, 2008 at 9:03am
Exactly. That's why I only mention it. The source is now narrowed to BassBarn -- and it might have been a netted fish. Shops I called heard the same rumor but did not weigh in the fish. It sounds more like a tall tail -- except the netted fish angle.
Comment by jim kerbaugh on May 10, 2008 at 5:54pm
i've heard nothing on the barn, go by SIC Wit IT on there, about the 22# but from what i see the 19 sounds very legit. The way things are getting with record fish i think i wouldnt even weigh one in, espeacially after all the contreversy around monica's fluke last year


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