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J-mann blog :: Friday, May 11, 2007: Blues to clams, bass to pass --

Friday, May 11, 2007: Very nice day though the south winds added a bit of a nip for surfcasters using clams to catch, well, bluefish. Yep, the bluefish are so ravenous they’re gulping down clams – not really their fair foodstuff. A phone report from Mid-Island told of huge slammers taking those clams. Far more common, are the reports of small blues going for Sassies and such. Doc T. was into those – and having fun. Hey, when you can say “It’s all good” you’re a true fisherman. Bassing remains small. I did get a call that there is a fish entered into Simply Bassing tourney but I haven’t got the official weigh-in slip yet. That fish came off the beach, North End.
A Philly visitor had what he thought was a real fun day, hooking half a dozen small stripers on clams and “a bunch” of blues on metals. The blues were meal bound.
Surf City is still closed due to the inability of the EPA, DEP, Army Corps and borough to come to a decision on who should sign-off (first) on the beach’s safety. The search for fuzes is pretty much finished. That fear of responsibility is what prevented the beaches to be opened as they were cleared.
Weakfishing is weak, all thing considered. There have been here-and-there hookups but the great spawn push of the last few springs is missing the mark this year. One expert told me that if it hasn’t shown by now it won’t happen. There are some secret spots mainland side (bay) that now hold spawn-ready weaks.
Up above is a photo I took of Al McReynolds when he visited LBI not long after his famed fish. He was already a bitter man regarding the fish and told me of the nasty phone calls – bordering on death threats – and face-to-face accusations. Fully envious folks said he didn’t really catch the fish but had it given to him by his brother, a commercial fisherman. Only problem was his brother wasn’t a commercial fisherman and there isn’t a commercial fisherman who has even netted a bass that big, per the pros themselves. Also, there were reliable winesses including a fireman.
Al and I had a long talk and much of what I wrote is contained in the following longer recount( found at http://www.stripers247.com/seventeighteight.htm) given a New England magazine.
The main thing that has changes is the time frame. I’m betting Al is not the first fisherman who has hyped the timeline of a fish fight. When I talked to him the fight was something like thirty minutes. Now it’s up to most of the night.
By the by, a huge consensus on LBI back then was that he didn’t catch it but had the fish had been given to him. I fought that ridiculous assumption but it got me nowhere. Many people still believe it even though they were nowhere near the event. I actually went down there and checked out the story. It jibbed. Plain and simple, the man caught the frickin’ fish – and truly wishes he hadn’t. He told me that back when. In this far more recent retelling (at the following link) he is seemingly more bitter than ever. Please read that tale.

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