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Thursday April 12 -- Loads of fish -- conceptually

Thursday, April 10, 2008:
Odd things are happening – wonderfully odd. The initial push of bass moving in from the Delmarva is borderline stunning. For the second week in April, when factoring in the chilly weather, we could be on the brink of something big. Bass worthy of a Boca are all over the Rips up the Delaware and (apparently) on our doorstep. The largest fish may be inching toward 25 pounds but some whispered reports indicate really big cows are all but on-scene – starting Cape May first and working northward.

Locally, it’s numbers that speak loudest. Darktime hookups have been steady to nonstop just to our south. Photo evidence proves those reports. I found it interesting that the bass have been going ballistic on artificials one day and not touching them the next. The bass are still there since a switch to chunk baits and the bite is steady. Not sure why the fish so quickly lose interest in plugs and plastics.

I will be doing a drive-around tonight to look for bait (bunker and ocean herring) in the bay. Obviously, I’ll simultaneously be taking into account any bass or weaks that feel like saluting smaller white-GULPed jigs. .

I’ve had half a dozen emails asking about river herring and have to inform one and all that herring action is the only thing I won’t report on. It has nothing to do with covering up the action or locations for myself. I no longer collect them. The herring hunting realm has gotten very aggressive and occasionally downright destructive to environment and irritating to adjacent communities. As for the overall herring showing to this point, the initial wave of spawning herring has been sketchy. A few locales around the state have had amazing pushes; others have seen zilch. Cast net and jigging are working early on. Dipping (chasing) will start soon, if it’s not already underway in Southern Ocean County backbay waters. I had an email asking if the herring catching doesn’t remove the fish before they spawn. Absolutely, but there are supposed to be so many spawning herring that the amount taken by anglers is not significant. You decide the merit of that concept.

Here’s a synopsis of a phone report from a regular: There are bass in the ocean and surf but not many try-ers. The bay bass are waiting with open-armed bass. Bluefish are on-scene and already chasing out the backbay bunker.

The Simply Bassing forms are at the printer. I ordered 300. It sure would be great to get that many entrants but 200 would assure the posted prize money. I just have this feeling that it could be a spring stripering run of epic proportions. The weather is the largest factor. The fish are already in the mix as noted above.

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