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Firday March 28, 2008 -- Stripers in the surf; Plastic fantastics; feedback

Friday, March 28, 2008: Small bass on the beach. I have three reports of short (to very short) stripers in the surf, though one tickle the tape at just under 27 inches. A couple shops are getting fresh clam in which should get the suds jumpin’ for this weekend. I’ve always felt that jigs with bright plastics (chewable plastics, now), jumped gingerly off the bottom, are very workable. Smaller jigheads are better.

I’ve had early-season luck with an old stand-by you don’t se as much now, the plastic eel. While there are new high-tech types (including Cabela’s “Holographic” models and GULP! edibles), I still like an old throwback, the Felmlee.

By the by, this is the time of year freshwater-experienced folks gifted with the touch needed to slow fish largemouth bass shine in the surf. Plastic pickups by spring stripers are very much like the super subtle takes of coldwater largemouths. It isn’t so much a hit as a pause in the pattern of the retrieved lure. And you only have a microsecond to hit before the fish tastes there’s something funny going on. In my aquarium, I used to purposely drop in tiny pieces of plastic to see how the fish would react. They would literally suck in the piece of plastic and spit out in nearly one motion.
The one advantage of an eel plastic is the fish’s knowledge that those slippery buggers (real eels) have to be grabbed hard – and held with vigor. You get a fraction more hold time because of that.
One other thing about fishing eel plastics this time of year, they can be swum a bit higher up in the water column instead of jumped off the bottom, though sticking down low is still the way to go.
Flavored worm plastics worked at a crawl along the bottom also garner hits.


Below are a couple of a many responses on current issues. I’d like to doubly emphasize that although some emails don’t make it in here, I heavily use them to pass onto authorities – who are hugely interested since many officials actually get very little feedback.::::


Vote NO!!!Vote NO!!! Vote NO!!!

"The needlefish I’ve seen out there have been without an inch of
exaggeration, the size of a medium Wiffle Ball bat. "

What you might have there is your houndfish. the atlantic needlefish
(Strongylura marina) tops out at about 2 feet. Houndfish (Tylosurus
crocodilus, yes a needlefish) hits 5 ft and 10 pounds - of body
skewering projectile!
Hey Jay

Thanks for taking the time to talk with Mr. Bayard. I do feel alittle bit better about the time frame in which the beach will be closed but that toe of the dune issue is an issue that needs to be dealt with. I am with you on being tactful and polite in voicing concerns about this and will past the word to be just that polite and tactful to those that plan on being at the next meeting. Again Thanks for what you do for us on LBI!!!!! Mike

Just read your piece on the beach threat. I don't know where this is going, however my only comment is we seem to be looking at the rights of usage. The tourists have a right to be on the beach just as much as the anglers. There is no reason why we cannot co-exist, if the mommys (only one case in point) simply pay attention to the tracks of vehicles. There is plenty of beach area in general for all of us. If the orv stays in the track during mobile operation there should be no problem as long as mom doesn't park her chair in the middle of the wheel pattern. There are no drivers on the beach that don't watch out for obstructions. Especially if they are human.I for one would not set a chair in the middle of a highway so why should mom think she owns the road.Common sence must be applied by all.
25 ft toe?......insane. If this is to be the limitation, this is a protected area, then Mom can't walk there either. In addition, how would we drive around the jetties with the small amount of beach that will be left for the angler to use?
Bottom line, Derby and Bassin' time is that of the angler and has been for many years without upset. This should remain. We as anglers have no problem staying off the beach between Memorial day and Labor day, so there should be no reason to cut us out of what we all love to do. The pockets of the angler are just as deep or deeper as a benefit to the local economy as any beachgoer.( if you need to look at the revenue end of this) Applying the proposed regs will do nothing short of severely damage the local economy, as well as the fun and relaxation for all involved. I ask you, what would LBI be without the contingent of SERIOUS anglers that we pride ourselves with? We need to put this to bed quickly, as the end result could be devastating.
Barnegat Light Heavers

Mr Jay,
Hate to tell you, but I think that you are “Right on” with your observations re: “closing/shortening the season for beach travel”….early or late.
I would like to see a count of the people that wanted to go to the beach in early May BUT would not go because you guys had your vehicles on the sand!!!! Something smells fishy and it ain’t fish! …Sorry…… One has to be careful NOT to pander to the system but also not to “cut off ones nose” to spite your face!! You may know better….
Think of it…Why would anyone want to go EARLY to the beach when we know the BEST time is in the fall….Sept/Oct?!! Could this just be a test, just to see what we would tolerate? Where did this concern come from? Who…..? Cant see where you guys are causing a problem accessing the beach… other then leaving those tire marks!! I haven’t found anyone here in PA that has a problem with the current arrangement, nor anyone that wants to run down in early May just because there are “NO Vehicles” on the beach!!!
Jay, something is wrong here….maybe the township does not have anything better to do with there time or is it their own special interest, or groups!!! It just aggravates me (or maybe pisses me off).
Again, I think you are right…But remember that its not just a week here or there, it’s the BS behind it… just someone looking out the window and saying “not on my beach”……………….
When the realtors marketed the island and sold the houses at an “overly inflated $$” (past 7 years), I am confident that the ocean front was marketed as “this is yours”!! No one that I know, that spends 3+ million for a place, will be there Every day of the year… let alone early May…who wants to cook for a crew every weekend …besides you and me?.
With that in mind, you and I (me??) can’t fight “city hall”, but isn’t this what the north end tried to do with beach access? Maybe one week this year becomes one month next year!!
I don’t have a vested interest on this topic…no vehicle that travels the beach… but there must be something more behind this…. We need to step back and try to see what the real issue is…. but no one can tell me its “two weeks in May” that makes a big economical difference.
Maybe he entire Island should be closed down so that the Plovers can have an unobstructed gliding path to Holgate!! Just kidding…
Thanks for all your hard work

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Comment by Joe Handley Jr. on March 28, 2008 at 5:43pm
Amen Rob----couldn't of said it better myself.
Joe H


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