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No cats were hurt in the making of this ... or not.  Wednesday, January 06, 2016: T’was a gorgeous, pretty much unused, ocean out there today; clean water, nice waves, calm winds … the entire go…

No cats were hurt in the making of this ... or not. 

Wednesday, January 06, 2016: T’was a gorgeous, pretty much unused, ocean out there today; clean water, nice waves, calm winds … the entire gorgeous ocean thing. I even paused during a quick beach-top drive-about to just plop down on the warming sand and take in what is a fairly quick recovery from the frigidity. Oh, it was barely 45 degrees but the sun was a 10 on the brightness scale so it easily chewed through any lingering chill.

There is normal to above-normal air temps coming our way through early next week. We’ll also see my forecasted 60 degree day mixed in there.

We’re still seeing the effects of the gale-ish west wind. Makes for decent clamming for those who haven’t pulled their racks out for the season. I’ll use the blowout for a few eatin’ clams and also for collecting chowder shells left by the gulls and foxes. Yes, foxes dig chowders at low tide. They then bury them for later consumption. I use the big shells for making wampum jewelry.

Buggying can still be spooky with sections of frozen sand holding firm on the upper beach. Warming weather should help melt the ice crust. If you bog down, remember that you have to back out. Don't try to go forward, you'll just keep breaking through -- and resinking. 

I'm not sure I'll be going to the big fisheries meeting in Manahawkin tomorrow. (See "Alert" blog, this site.) I get both frustrated and bored -- in no particular order. 

I know it’s a broken record but the tog bite is still hot -- even in the cold. Sizes are allowing many a tog-ist to top previous bests. The lighter wind pattern we’re in will allow zip-outs to favorite blackfish venues. 

Will Hoffman 
Wow today was the day. Finally got a jumbo at just over 15.5 pounds. Fished on the Adam Bomb out of Cape May NJ. Caught on 60 lb topshot and leader. Full boat limit and then threw some back. Fished with some great guys today. Ron, MVP, Steve, Stelios, and Max Berry. A big thank you to Jimmy Lee. Just wish you could have come.
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Rob Vallone
Captain Amanda Peterson



OK so I have taken on a whole new turn in my life and a wonderful one at that  because now I will be in all of my elements I have been asked to jump aboard with a really talented guy whom restores penn reels and does kick AZZ work I will be doing custom work such as custom and made to order medallion replacements , I can do custom art on side of your reel plate, I can 
hand paint or engrave artwork for you, so today I jumped in and these are one of my first pieces as I was asked to make these for a custom job these will be done in 2 different silver styles and 2 different black styles and I will post when finished which will be tomorrow some time but here is a sneak peak for those anticipating my work. I can get you set up with your custom paint or etching ideas  and if you need penn restorations and need a really kick azz job doneDoug Orkwis is the man to go to here is where you can find all of his work and customers feedback  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1595062044093655/
back to the shop for me 


R.I.P. I can't even begin to describe the frustration!!!! Finally have time to get in back yard and test swim my plug, which I was extremely happy with!!! Third cast, plug hits water makes awesome splash, seagull dive bombs it, gets hooked, cuts my leader, and flies off with the first fucking plug I ever made start to finish and swam awesome... I think im still in complete shock that it's gone... Its truly unreal the luck that I possess in life...

John Caruso's photo.
John Caruso's photo.
If darter hell exists... I haven't found it...Yet


Menhaden — dubbed by some as the “most important fish in the sea” would also be the “most important” fish in the Bay, right. Apparently not.

An analysis of 12 years of Baywide diet information for five major predators ... found that bay anchovy was a significant portion of the diet for four of those species. Menhaden was important for only one, striped bass, and even for them, bay anchovy were more important.

“Menhaden came out not as high on the list as people thought it was going to be,” Houde said. “It was an important prey, but it certainly wasn’t in the top three or four.”

OR ... 




The Paiute tribe says the protesters need to leave.
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ill go directly to him and his paypal account for the funeral expenses. 
Ger Khang I'm so sorry for your loss and I sure hope someone snaps this up to help you out buddy. This is over a $575 dollar package and I'll also throw in a Shimano neoprene cover for the reel. Bidding starts at $275. Bidding ends Friday 1/8 at 9PM. I will cover shipping anywhere in the lower 48. PLACE BIDS IN THIS POST!! Feel free to SHARE!
Matthew StPierre's photo.
Matthew StPierre's photo.

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