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Thursday Feb. 28, 08 -- Costly cell calls; fluke picks coming up

Thursday, February 28, 2008:

The cell-in-hand days are over if you’re driving. It’s now a primary offence, meaning the blue boys will be looking into windows. Recollect the seat belt enforcement days? While a first violation carries no points, it is a nasty $250 fine. I believe that fine can also be coupled with court costs and such. Ouch.
I noticed the store shelves are bare of hands-free cell phone contraptions. This is one time that low-friend folks have it a bit easier.
By the by, texting is a lower fine. I refuse trying to surmise why.
One important angle: If you want to report a fire or accident, call in about a drunken or aggressive driver, are being chased by a madman or want to report you’re having a heart attack, you can do so by cell phone, even when driving. Also, police are allowed to be on cell phones when patrolling. They cannot be when off-duty.

How about diesel hitting upwards of $3.60 a gallon on national average!? I hate to bring up a nauseating subject but the U.S. oil companies are concurrently realizing highest profits imaginable. Their claim: “We are dedicated to maximizing the profits of our investors.” Invest this.

I’m getting some reports that the Pot Bill is hitting rough waters. I’m not sure that’s real or imagined but talking with one of the movers behind the bill I recommended we employ the very large freshwater fishing clubs, in alert politicians in non-coastal areas that fishermen are standing as one on this. We will then help the freshwater guys out as their causes come along.
Here is a very important fluke announcement from Paul H:
Below are the only options that are going to be considered. Option E is the only one that will allow us to fish for fluke throughout September. From what I have heard the JCAA supports Option E, the RFA is deciding between Option D and E and the United Boatmen are supporting option D. The advisors to the NJ Marine Fisheries Council recommended Option D so that is what we are going to get unless a lot of us go the NJ Fisheries Council meeting on 3/6 at 4Pm. and show strong support for Option E. It makes no sense to go to the meeting and ask for anything other than one of the five options listed below.
On 2/26/08 the NJ Marine Fisheries Council Summer Flounder Committee met with their advisors and discussed options for the 2008 fishing season to be presented to the full Council on March 6th. The following options will be presented:

A 17.5” 2 6/28 to 9/8

B 17.5” 8 7/4 to 9/2

C 18.0” 2 5/24 to 9/8

D 18.0” 8 5/24 to 9/7

E 18.5” 8 5/17 to 10/6

Marine Fisheries Council
Meets at the Galloway Twp. Branch of the Atlantic Co. Library, 306 East Jimmie Leeds Rd., Galloway, NJ 08205, at 4pm. Please call 609-292-7794 to confirm date and time of meeting.


A few blogs back I had a photo of an astounding ivory carving of a striped bass done years back by artisan Allen Luiz. I watched in utter envy as someone bid and won this masterpiece. Understand there is something like 20 million people using eBay around the world. Then I got this email:
“Hi. I read your blog about the buckle. I bought it and received it today. It’s exquisite. I have a home on the island and if you want, you can visit this extraordinary piece of art. Gene.”
I refuse to even utter the “small world” quote. That is more than proven out here. And, yes, this spring I want to see that beaut up close.

I’ve gotten some fun responses to my weekly log. I’ll get them in here next blog – after I’m sure I can use them.

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Comment by Alex Lynn on February 29, 2008 at 7:54am
Jay are you aware that there is a meeting of the SSFFF foundation on March 6 in Brooklawn NJ? Save the fluke!
Comment by ronk654 on February 29, 2008 at 8:39am
So what happens on 9/8 according to the gods of regs?
3/4 of all the fluke will jump into our boats and commit suicide? That's just another reason to think that they have absolutely no clue.Or, they decided that they needed to give us a certain number of options to make us think they are actually doing something.
An open note to Corzine, Lautenberg and the rest, I'd like that job. I can waffle and be indecisive too. I'm still breathing, I know what a fish looks like, I guess I'm qualified.
I also like to eat, so bring on the free feast at Viking Village. I'll vote whichever way suits the minority.


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