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Below: I've found a way to at least make a little peace with surfers hating the upcoming replenishment. I've already cleared this with Great Lakes Dredging -- for right after lifeguards go off duty. …

Below: I've found a way to at least make a little peace with surfers hating the upcoming replenishment. I've already cleared this with Great Lakes Dredging -- for right after lifeguards go off duty.  

Sunday, March 22, 2015: While my arms are too short to slap winter on the back of the head as a good-bye, I did get a bit of revenge on the first day of spring.

I was out-and-about in the outback when I heard my season’s first call of a wood frog, the earliest amphibian to wrest free of winter’s unkind squeeze. The wood frog often sings in the daylight, half knowing it might freeze to the bone come nighttime -- which would be the case in this case. Not to worry, wood frogs can survive just such ice-overs.

Wanting to get a photo of this early-outer, I homed in on its call. The problem was the long pauses between croaks. I needed to stop in my tracks when the calls abated. At one stoppage point, I plopped down next to a holly tree. Sitting there awaiting another call, I glanced over to see a tiny but patch of snow tucked nearby, arrogantly poised on a shaded piece of ground. While holding its own against 50-degree air temps, it was obviously sweating it out, beads of water on its forehead.  

Looking at the snow, I was overcome with this odd payback urge.

I pushed back the branches shading the snow. An avalanche of sunlight crashed down on this over-lingering symbol of our ice-fanged winter.

I likely over-enjoyed seeing the snow try to hide its face from the sunlight, all vampire-like.

Oh, don’t go getting all emotionally charged over my brutalizing of the little patch of snow that couldn’t. The frickin’ thing is inanimate. Therefore, when I swear I could hear little snow screams issuing forth from the suffering snow, it’s purely imaginary – even when the screams got louder, as I took a stick and spread the snow all over the place. And that was definitely my voice tritely crying, “I’m melting.”  

All I was doing was offering a hard-earned sayonara to the snow. Besides, it was a mercy melting with 60-degree days arriving later this week.

I actually didn't wait around to see the sun polish off the last snow crystals. The frog sounded off so I jumped up to follow the call. By then I was looking ahead. The frog days of spring will be in full voice very soon. Of course, I like to think I did my own small part in speeding things along.



MARCH 22, 2015 

Gallery: Toilet tank among objects volunteers found during Holgate beach sweep

NJBBA in Holgate
New Jersey Beach Buggy Association members conducted a beach sweep in Long Beach Island's Holgate unit Saturday. (Photo: Jason DeCarlo/NJBBA)

The members of the New Jersey Beach Buggy Association, a statewide organization dedicated to the preservation of beach resources, spent the day scouring the beach to remove debris in advance of the upcoming beach season.

They removed a variety of objects, ranging from the ubiquitous plastic products to the most unusual.

"We filled a 40-yard dumpster with a wide array of debris," said NJBBA's Timothy Burden, who added that attendance was lighter than usual due to Friday's snowstorm. 

According to Burden, volunteers found dock planks and partial pilings, kids beach toys, cigarette butts, full pilings, dock and boat lines, plastic bottles/cups/caps/straws/tiparillo tips, commercial fishing net parts, beach chairs, wooden posts of all sizes, foam dock pieces, a toilet tank, various sizes of plywood, wooden kitchen cabinet, sunglasses, sneakers, flip flops, and more. 

It's just one of the many events on the busy NJBBA calendar. 

Since 1954, NJBBA has fought to preserve beach access for all users, building protective fences, planting dune grass, and also working with community leaders and other organizations to advance its mission.


I met a couple of guys that thought they could fish a stocked pond today and I really can't blame them for at least a little confusion. The bolded words in the first statement read "...public fishing is allowed, at this location."
Instead, the first few bolded words should read something like: "No Fishing until April 4, 2015." While their at it, they might consider posting signs in Spanish too.

6 Things That Make Fishing Even More Enjoyable Than It Already Is

Did you know that fishing is one of America’s favorite past times? In fact, more people in the US fish than play golf and tennis combined! There are many reasons why fishing is one of the most popular sports, but ultimately people do it because they enjoy it. However, there are a few things you can do that make fishing even more fun than it already is:

Do it with friends

Fishing alone can be a great way to escape and connect with nature. But fishing with friends can be a blast as well. The more people you fish with, the more memories you create and share with others, which can make your life even richer than it already is!

Do it with your kids

One of the best things you can do for your kids is teach them how to fish. This is a great way to bond and create memories that will last a lifetime. It will also help create a love and respect for the outdoors in your children that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Take a fishing trip

Lake O
Fishing your local waters is fun. But traveling to the unknown turns every-day fishing into a new adventure. Fishing a new body of water is challenging, fun, and rewarding. Try fishing in another part of the country where the landscape is completely different than your home waters. You won’t regret it.

Fish for a new species

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 2.59.50 PM
Many anglers only fish for a specific species or group of species. But limiting yourself in this way means your missing out on a world of fun! Try fishing fore a new species and challenge yourself to catch as many different species as you can.

Fish with a guide

Every angler should fish with a guide at least once in his or her lifetime. Fishing guides are experts in their local body of water, but are also expert anglers. Fishing with a guide will teach more about locating and catching fish than any magazine article ever could. It may not be cheap, but it will be a learning experience you never forget.

Try new lures and techniques

Every angler has a go-to set of lures and techniques. But there are hundreds (thousands?) of lures on the marketplace and limiting yourself to only a few is also limiting your fun.

Mystery Tackle Box is the revolutionary monthly subscription service that introduces anglers to new lures every month. All you do is select your species and then the experts at Mystery Tackle Box send you new baits for you to try every month. You’ll never get the same bait twice and we partner with some of the top brands in the fishing industry!

You can sign up today and get your first box delivered to you for just $4.99 (free shipping) with code GET499 at checkout. Each box has $22-$27 worth of retail value and you can cancel any time. Click here to learn more.

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