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  Thursday, October 24, 2013: Man, it’s nice out there, albeit a thoroughly blow-smooth ocean – which doesn’t always bode well for plugging. Over-visibility is huge drawback when throwing artificial…


Thursday, October 24, 2013: Man, it’s nice out there, albeit a thoroughly blow-smooth ocean – which doesn’t always bode well for plugging. Over-visibility is huge drawback when throwing artificials. We likely don’t want to know how many (thousands) of fish see our plugs and aren’t even remotely fooled.  That number goes up even higher when the water is calm and clear. The trick is to look for any stir at all, especially suds and white water, even if it’s only from small waves breaking.  Obviously, currents and current eddies also add some blur to the water, making plugs a little more alluring to feeding fish.

Clear waters lend themselves to jigging. However, I haven’t been knocking them dead by jigging straight plastics (Fin-S and unscented tails). So, I’m going to go DuPontish and try GULP! tails. I’m not a huge of GULP!. Oh, the goofy stuff surely works but it seem such a chemical approach to fishing. That said, I’m going GULP!. Its scent and even its initial taste might just fool over some sort of stripers. Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures. I’m going desperate with brown GULP! minnow baits. The fluke are going to love this.  While I’m a bluefish fan the current lack of blues makes it easier (and cheaper) too throw scented soft baits.

I’m hearing there are still small bass and weakies to be had, north end. It’s still teaser time thereabouts.  I generally forsake swimming teasers with plugs. I think the water resistance created by dangling teasers steals away the more subtle moves crafted into the handmade plugs I prefer to use – until I eventually cast off all my Tom White plugs. Tom has wrote into the plugs he made for me: “If found return to Jay Mann.” No luck yet on the couple I’ve launch-lost.

Anyway, I change my teaser tune when it comes to jigs and metals (spoons). In those casting cases, teasers are a fine marriage, especially with the likes of Avas and my plasticized Kalin jigheads. With metals, I think the teaser actually become the main attraction/presentation. The score usually proves that out, as the teasers are far-and-away the more common hooker.

I threw cast net yesterday in Holgate (back cut) just to see what might salute, possibly some corncob mullet to chunk up. I was surprised to nab a spot. I bucketed it hoping for more but when the following throws came up empty, I freed it. It still shows there are some of these premium baitfish are around.


Marine Mammal Stranding Center

After a slight glitch, we are happy to report that the on-line registrations are open again for our 16th Annual Harbor Seal 5k. The date:November 2nd Race starts at 10 am, and will be primarily on the road in Seaside. JR's Ocean Grill is once again our host, so please support them. T-shirts for the first 200 runners- so sign up QUICK! We anticipate a busy seal season, and this is a very important fundraiser for us. SAVE THE SEALS! Visit our web page- mmsc.org/home — at JR's.




            Enclosed is this week’s fishing report for the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association. It is pasted below and also attached as a file. If you have any questions, my cell phone number is 609-290-5942 and my e-mail address is jamesghutch1@aol.com

Thanks for your help,

Jim Hutchinson Sr.


            While the striped bass and big bluefish have yet to make their appearances as far south as Beach Haven, some of the local captains of the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association have managed to keep busy catching a variety of fish.

            Captain John Koegler of the “Pop’s Pride” tried a trip looking to troll up some bonito and some false albacore. He managed to boat a half dozen nice sized bonito, but saw no sign of false albacore. Since the bonito taste much better than the albacore, he had a happy crew. On the way back in he stopped and tried some bottom fishing. He said that he was very surprised to hook up with a goodly number of tinker mackerel. Although the fish were too small to keep, Captain John said he found the mackerel presence to be a positive sign.

            Captain Carl Sheppard of the “Starfish” took out a party put together by Mark Giunta of Somerdale, NJ. They left Morrison’s Marina and headed out to the 15 fathom line looking for bonito. They trolled with little luck until south of Atlantic City when they started running into bait balls, some of which stretched from the bottom almost to the top of the water column.  As they went over one bait ball, a rod which was running about 30-feet down had a light hit. As the fisherman started to pull the fish in, the rod went double and the line started screaming out. All other lines were pulled in and Captain Carl backed the boat back to the fish. With the light tackle it took some 40-minutes to get the fish to the boat. It took two gaffs and three strong men to bring a 61-inch thresher shark up high enough to attach a tail rope. The shark weighed close to 150 pounds and had a tail length of 58-inches. The group then caught some bonito on other bait balls before trying some bottom fishing on some nearby wrecks. They caught some large black sea bass which unfortunately were out of season along with some porgies and tinker mackerel.

            For additional information the Beach Haven Charter Fishing Association, go to the Association’s website atwww.fishbeachhaven.com


Donation Drive

It’s time for my annual begging session, seeking donations to show support for this site. While I don’t use donations as an indicator of reader appreciation, I sure use the donations to cover the site’s sundry expenses. I accept Paypal at jmann99@hotmail.com. For mail-ins: Jay Mann, 222 18th Street, Ship Bottom, NJ, 08008


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Comment by Allen Lawrence Jr. on October 24, 2013 at 2:05pm

Jay;was throwing a new sinking model SP Minnow Sandeel color with a teaser above it in the evening two days ago*Did not hurt the action at all and I caught a Sundial on the plug and also kept snagging Mole Crabs*


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