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3/21/14 Full communique between myself and the USCG regarding Barnegat Inlet.

Most of you have likely read this already so I'll put the long version in here:
Hi Jay,

I just wanted to let you know the final MSIB is still being finalized. There is still no hard start date. But I do know that the safety zone encompasses the entire Barnegat Inlet and it will be one vessel transiting through the inlet at a time. I will let you know as soon as the MSIB is approved and finalized as it will have much more detailed information to share with you.

Very Respectfully,
Petty Officer Cindy Oldham
Coast Guard Public Affairs


Needless to say, the comments on Facebook have been just a wee bit disparaging. The main trend has been the doubt that this can be enforced. However, this is the USCG and the federal government so they have little things at their disposal -- like the frickin' US Marines. Just kidding -- or not. 

 I do know that the USCG is seeking input on this subject. The MSIB of which PO Oldham speaks is a  Marine Safety Information Bulletin. It is being developed for rapid distribution in the form of pamphlets and media spots. 

Per usual, I'm offering everything I know on the subject, though some folks seem to think I have some additional data I'm Bogarting. Nope. Even though I did chat for some time with PO Oldham last week, it was mainly to give her questions to help develop the MSIB. 


Important update on tomorrow's NJBBA cleanup in Holgate: Get there early, maybe even a bit before 8 a.m. The tides could be a tad problematic as the day goes on, though today's west winds have the ocean blown out a bit so things might be fine, The worst area is at the 2,000 foot mark or thereabout, where some dead shrubbery can make it hard getting by with higher tides. Past there, the ride is a breeze. However, air down a goodly amount since the overall sand condition in Holgate is loose to very loose, up high. Stay with the wet sand wherever possible. 


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