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Tues. Dec. 30, 08 -- What ya hearin'???

(Above: Hard time going south on the Boulevard in Ship Bottom as surf shop (across form Faria’s) goes up, around 10 p.m. Boards inside shop will be a bit smoke logged but should be otherwise unhurt.) Tuesday, December 30, 2008: I have very few fishing reports. Interestingly, the economy has all but snuffed any extended holiday vacations. In years past, there was a push of anglers working the beach and ocean from just before Christmas until after New… Continue

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Monday Dec. 29, 08: bassing is back with a vengence (How 'bout those Eagles -- football, that is??)

Monday, December 29, 2008: Waves: Small. Water clarity: Good.

Did that burst of 70-degree air feel weird or what. If you were on the island you might have missed it since the south winds were off the ocean so despite high temp records falling all around the state, including mainland A.C. (airport) it was brisk most of the day. However, I was woodsing Zone 22 and about 3 p.m. the winds shifted more westerly and despite cloudiness I recorded a 70.3 air reading. It had a smell and feel… Continue

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Dec. 27, 08: Calm out there -- and tog tales

Saturday, December 27, 2008: Waves: Small. Water clarity: Good.

The skies are being super friendly. Quite a few fishing folks trying for schoolies. Very few reports.

Low tides continue, including some super low tides over the past couple days. Some folks are working mainland bayside low tide mudflats for clams. That doesn’t happen too often. By the by, I still question the advisability of eating such clams on the half-shell. Steamed they’re absolutely… Continue

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Dec. 26, 08 -- Maybe bassing this weekend

Friday, December 26, 2008: waves: Small. Water clarity: Decent. Fish forecast: Last of the bass still lingering; quite a few folks out there trying based on the rod-bearing vehicles I see driving around. Blowout tides make for clamming potential – though the area’s favorite bivalves are in a bad way, overall.

Joe H. report:

Hey Jay,

Since the first full weekend of December, I have been fishing the surf on the better weekend days. I haven't reported, since… Continue

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A sad holiday for one kid ...

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Merry Christmas -- make the best of it

Thursday, December 25, 2008: Waves: 2-3 foot short-period south swell. Water clarity: Brownish; generally poor. Fish forecast: Small bass still in the suds.

Well, it’s Christmas Day so I sure as hell have to get around to my Christmas shopping today, though it’s gonna be kinda tough covering my give-list at either Wawa and 7-11. Still, it’s the thought that counts – and soft pretzels, two at a time, in plastic bags shows a lot of heartfelt gift-giving insight. I fully realize that… Continue

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Tues. Dec. 23, 2008: Night befoe the night and all through the ...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008:

It’s the night before the night before Christmas and I really should be starting my Christmas shopping but this tiny voice in my head keeps telling me to hold out just a little bit longer – to get the really good deals and all that. Very strategic. O course, it’s the same voice that tells me that paying property taxes on time is highly overrated.

Here’s hoping you’re doing better than me -- and despite all this drama over the economy you’ve… Continue

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Monday Dec. 22 -- Gift gab and this-and-that stuff

Monday, December 22, 2008:

It’s frickin’ cold out there. I was supposed to do an archeo-dig today. Fat chance – fat frozen chance. I guess we can be thankful (here at the Shore) that we saw none of the frozen slop they had not that far off. Yesterday there were loads of vehicles on Rte. 72 that had goodly amounts of snow this riding along. Even though it’ll mellow out amazingly fast, for me every day lost to the skies is a vacation day shot to shit.

Per usual, I’ve had a… Continue

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Friday Dec. 19 -- My stipering hopes slashed; many messages

Friday, December 19, 2008:

Awaiting the next batch of lousy weather – in pain. No, not in pain over the weather, in pain over pain. The first day of by one vacation a year and don’t I go out digging an old dumpsite and slice my finger to the bone on broken glass. What’s worse, it’s on my right hand -- and the forefinger I need for typing and, most of all, to guide my computer mouse. I sliced it on the first joint north of the knuckle, top side. I shoulda guessed by the way it went… Continue

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Tues. Dec 16 -- Vacation time means striper seeking a la Christmas

Tuesday, December 16, 2008:

My last day at work until 2009. I’ll be seeking stripers for Christmas foodstuff but I’m kinda sure I’ll be having far better luck ice fishing at Pathmark or Shop-rite. Looking at my notes of years back, there was a time about a decade past when we were ice fishing a week before Christmas. That ain’t gonna happen, though it’ll be chilled for Xmas week. Longer range forecasts are now incorporating data based on a weakening of the Canadian jet stream,… Continue

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Dec 14, 08 -- Fat lady bassing and decent togging

Sunday, December 14, 2008: waves: Small. Water clarity: Good.

Hey, it’s a great day for fishing and I can guarantee you’ll catch some trophy-grade fresh air. There is still that chance of a surf striper. One beach has about the same odds as the next this time of year -- and late-day is always the key if you want to through a small jig. Telling it lie it is, this is one of the earlier stops to stripering in over a decade. That’s not to say there might not be a school or two to our north… Continue

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Thursday Dec. 11, 08 -- Off-season leaking in

Thursday, December 11, 2008:

OFF-SEASON NOTE: Yes, it’s quickly approaching off-season times, though this is actually one of my busier fishing times, as I try for all I’m worth to nab a couple “Christmas bass” – a yearly self-challenge.

During the cold (hopefully not cruel) months, I’m always looking for blog ideas of an angling or outdoors nature. E-mails and e-questions are prime sources of launch points for some blogizations, as you’ll see below. A great way to support this… Continue

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Tues. Dec. 9, 32008 -- Weekly madness

Schoolie Mysteries and Eradicated Egos

BASS EVERYWHERE – EXCEPT HERE: Email “Jay, I spent weeks fishing the surf (Harvey Cedars) and had no luck at all. Then I was invited out on a boat and caught more striped bass in a few hours than I had in the past five years. What’s with that? …”

There are a couple elements at play here, though I’m not sure what game they’re playing.

Firstly, let me touch on your chosen point of line entry.

Harvey Cedars… Continue

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Monday, Dec. 8, 08 -- Terminally cold?

Monday, December 08, 2008:

The shivering fat lady is singing. That’s kinda all she wrote. Things are finale-ing at the speed of Canadian Polar (CP) west winds – gusting to 45 mph with single-digit wind-chill factors. I hate to even think it, but the present patterning of the Jet Stream indicates an effort on the sky’s part to throw a real winter at us. Of course, there has been a tendency over the past 20 years for early cold leading to either nasty winters or abnormally mild… Continue

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Dec. 7, 08 -- Short hiatus -- and into bass

Sunday, December 07, 2008:

Sorry for the short gap in reports. I had what might be called commitment overload – not an uncommon occurrence after the Classic (fall fishing) during which I put off a ton of stuff.

While loads of folks were out there cashing in on bass yesterday, I was doing my day-long commitment to the Ship Bottom parade. It was great fun and a good cause but lengthy and tiring – always immense fun to see so many younguns having a blast.

I’ve also been… Continue

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Dec. 3 -- Weekly column for the world in general

Close Calls and Off-season Ticks

TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT: When anglers talk about being on a roll, they’re usually referring to a winning streak of fish catching. For a couple mobile anglers down Corson’s Inlet way, a roll nearly led to them buying the fish farm.

The two were driving the foggy beachline at night and inadvertently met up with a covert cutaway – one of those a steep ledges that form when side-ass winds cause currents that eat away at the beach near the… Continue

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Dec. 1, 08 -- From across the wires ...

Here are some across-the-wires stories worth a read:


A father-son fishing trip turned deadly Sunday for a Long Island man who was pulled under the water by an anchor rope as his panicked son watched helplessly.

Marty McMillan, 51, of Wantagh, drowned in the choppy waters 12 miles off Montauk Point.

"My dad's in the water!" McMillan's 17-year-old son, Cody, screamed as he raised rescuers with a desperate Mayday… Continue

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